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Ruffian Bōma (アラクレボーマ Arakure Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes, ultimately working for Rage Flying Boma Zulten.

Character History

While initially working directly for the Boma 20,000 years ago during their war with humanity and the fairies, Ruffian Boma ultimately had a change of heart after an encounter with Saint Beast Lakia, who defeated him but respected his courage and healed him as a noble warrior, making the Boma Beast respect the Saint Beast and come to an understanding of who the real enemy was. Taking up Lakia's cause, Ruffian Boma attempted to attack his former leader Lagorn, but was easily defeated before being sealed with a Boma Nail and placed in a red pool within Boma Castle.

Zulten ultimately releases Ruffian Boma from the seal, but decides to use his loyalty to Lakia by tricking him into believing that the Turboranger were the enemies of Lakia and needed to be stopped. Believing the lie, the Boma Beast attacks the Turboranger, claiming them as working for Lagorn while seeing himself as Lakia's great defender. Realizing that Ruffian Boma's good intentions were being twisted by Zulten's lie, Riki tries to convince him on who was really on Lakia's side by trying to not fight him. When Boma Castle reappears to attack Red Turbo with a deadly gas, Ruffian Boma finally came to an understanding and pushed him out of the way, getting killed by Lagorn's attack.

When Zulten revives Ruffian Boma, he is brought back "brainwashed" and attacks the Turboranger once again. The heroes fight him with Turbo Robo and wear him down until the brainwashing wears off, with the Boma Beast merely tired and wishing to rejoin with Lakia once again. Granting his request, Turbo Robo flies into space and throws the giant Ruffian Boma, allowing for him to join the stars and thus rejoin his friend Lakia once again.


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  • Ruffian Boma possesses great strength as well as a "lightning sword" which he uses for attack in combat.

Behind the Scenes


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