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The Royal Guards are Emperor Mavro's personal bodyguards. They are stronger than the average blue-colored Bruiser and are often seen in pairs or fours.

Character History

The first Royal Guards appear before Prince Vekar to deliver the Armada Megazord and combat the Super Mega Rangers before being defeated after a tough struggle. All Hail Prince Vekar

Later, they are seen accompanying Redker and Yellzor at escorting Emperor Mavro into the Armada Mothership. Emperor Mavro (episode)

Later still, four of them assist Levira at fighting the Super Mega Rangers, but to no avail. The Wrath

Alongside the Bruisers and the XBorgs, they are last seen during the final stage of the royal invasion. Legendary Battle


Each Royal Guard carries a staff through which it can unleash energy and they can combine two staffs to generate an energy wave with the symbol of the Armada.


  • None of their appearances include any US footage of the Guards themselves.


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