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For her evil avatar, see Roxy (avatar).

Roxy is an ally from the Grid Battleforce who was called upon to be the Yellow Ranger before an incident occurred that rendered her comatose.

Character History

Roxy is a cadet at Grid Battleforce. At one point, she was in a relationship with Ravi before they broke up due to rules stating that Rangers cannot date other Rangers. With training and assessment, Roxy was chosen to be the Yellow Ranger until Evox attacked Grid Battleforce and created her evil avatar. Beasts Unleashed

She and Blaze were both put into comas and into a deep sleep. According to Nate, Roxy and Blaze's avatars are entirely linked with their human counterparts, and they will not wake until their Avatars are killed.

Roxy does indeed awaken from her coma after Ravi destroys her avatar, when she reveals she has full memories from being connected to the Avatar and knows Evox's plan. Target Tower


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