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The Rowdy Invincible Castle (荒くれ無敵城 Arakure Muteki Shiro) is the castle-like headquarters of the Space Pirates Balban. Typically located on top of a massive Demon-Beast steed such as Daitanix, the castle possesses all of the rooms and locations utilized for the Balban. It's main focal room is a combined meeting hall and steering room, with a huge steering wheel used by Steerwoman Shelinda to pilot the Demon-Beast, as well as a huge empty space with the banners of the Balban adoring it; as each of the generals are killed, a black ribbon surrounds the associated banner in memory. The meeting room's usage changes with each general who leads the Barban:

The castle possesses other rooms where each of the generals and members reside when they're not being used by Zahab, as well as rooms and doors for watching over the maintenance of the Demon-Beast. Likewise, the castle has the ability of flight to be able to escape from a Demon-Beast, as well as buoyancy to float on the ocean when waiting for a new steed to be formed.Chapter 42: The Horrible Demon-Beast

The Rowdy Invincible Castle came to Earth on Daitanix when they came to destroy the planet for their treasures; but became sealed with the monster when the original Gingaman and the Starbeasts defeated the pirates. When the seal on the monster began to revive 3000 years later, it ultimately first revived the castle and its inhabitants as the still-sealed monster rose to the surface, with Zahab and the others using it as their means of trying to revive the beast fully for their usage. While the Barban ultimately succeed, the rot of Daitanix accumulated over the years prevented it from functioning the way it was supposed to; Zahab ultimately abandons his original steed and moves the castle to the water as Gingaman destroy Daitanix, sinking its rotted flesh into Earth to form into a new Earth Demon Beast that the pirates tried to make their own. Once the new Demon-Beast is grown large enough, the castle once again takes it's place as it's new headquarters, but is soon destroyed by Hyuuga with BullTaurus in the midst of Gingaman's final battle as a means to force the pirate into a final showdown before the heroes of Earth incinerate their new steed out of existence.Chapter 1: The Legendary BladesChapter 42: The Horrible Demon-BeastFinal Chapter: The Legends of Tomorrow

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