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"I am repaired, upgraded and ready for action!"
―Rotox DX immediately after being rebuilt[src]

"Metal Alice will defeat you!"
―Rotox DX's final words before his death.[src]

Rotox DX is a powered up version of Rotox created by Metal Alice to battle the Rangers. He was the final monster of Power Rangers Megaforce.

Character History

Immediately after Rotox’s death, Metal Alice created Rotox DX to destroy the rangers while she tried to persuade Robo Knight into joining her. He overpowers them using his chest cannons, but he retreats with Metal Alice after. They go back to battle the rangers but Robo Knight arrives and aids the Rangers. Metal Alice retreats He is destroyed. Vrak sends the Zombolts and he grows giant, and he has both of his arms broken off. He is then destroyed by the Gosei Ultimate Megazord, much to Metal Alice and Vrak’s displeasure.


He is very loyal to Metal Alice and Vrak and he sticks to his mission to destroy the Rangers. He is a very rough and tough monster.

Powers and abilities

As Rotox DX, along with a power increase of 1000%, he gets new powers and abilities, thus improving his reach and grappling ability to the point of being able to deter and disperse energy.

  • Super Strength: Thanks to Metal Alice, Rotox is ten times stronger then before.
  • Super Armor: His defense in his armor is raised and can take more hits.
  • Eye Blast: He can fire red energy blasts from his optical sensors, but they are more stronger than the original.
  • Chest Lasers: Rotox DX can also fire rounds of red energy lasers from his chest.
  • Hyper Barrage: Rotox DX's strongest attack where he can fire his eye blasts and a powerful barrage of red energy beams, lightning rays, and orange energy balls from his chest.


  • Left Twin Pincer Claw: His left arm is now a twin pincer-like claw that can be used for combat. It is strong enough to catch and dissipate the Megaforce Blaster Dynamic Victory Charge.
    • Lightning Ground Wave: Rotox can slam his pincer claw down to generate red colored lightning waves that can travel across the ground to be unleashed at his enemies.
    • Nether Beam: Rotox DX can fire a red colored tractor beam like before, but it is fired from his left twin pincer claw.
  • Right Axe Arm: His right arm is a double-edged axe that can also be used for combat.

Behind the Scenes


He is voiced by Mark Wright, just like Rotox.


  • He is the second Robot in the Rotox line. The third and final in this line of monsters would be the Water Rotox Army.
  • Doris is the only monster in either Megaforce or Super Megaforce to say absolutely nothing upon growing. He didn't even laugh.

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