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"I am the robot Rotox. Ready for action!"
―Rotox's first words[src]
""My shield!""
―Rotox immediately after having his shield obliterated by Troy and his final words before his initital destruction.[src]

Rotox is the first mechanical opponent faced by the Mega Rangers and the primary antagonist of the episode "The Human Factor". He is a prototype who is sent out to analyze the Rangers' strengths and weaknesses, for Vrak intends to defeat humanity through the Robots without making the same mistakes as the Insectoids and Toxic Mutants before them. In the season finale episode of Power Rangers Megaforce "End Game" three robotic clones of Rotox, the Water Rotox Army, we're created.

Character History

As Admiral Malkor enters his cocoon, Metal Alice is completed by Vrak and creates her first experimental machine, Rotox. To demonstrate the might of machines, she attacks him but loses her left leg. After pulling herself together and having earned Vrak's approval, she sends Rotox to attack the city, drawing the attention of the Megaforce.

The Rangers try to fight him but are outmatched and restrained by Rotox's strength and weaponry. Robo Knight later arrives but is caught by surprise and temporarily incapacitated. The Rangers then break free from the chains restricting them and ascend into the Ultra Mode, which proves more than enough to defeat Rotox.

Counterparts/Alternate Forms/Sub-types


As the first of a line created to demonstrate the superior strength and endurance of robots, Rotox is tough and confident in his abilities. He follows his assignments to the letter and has a taste for extreme destruction. Also, he is very enthusiastic when it comes to fighting, with his catchphrase being "Ready for Action!".

Powers and Abilities

Rotox, even though being only a prototype, is far stronger than most of the Mega Rangers' previous foes. After being restored and augmented as Rotox DX, he becomes a force unlike any the Mega Rangers had faced prior. He is quite possibly the most resilient out of all Robots, since the Ultra Mode proved very effective against the mechanized VrakThe Messenger and Metal Alice, even though they possess superior strength to him, and somewhat capable of holding equal ground against R1C0, but was absolutely useless against Rotox DX's reinforced armor, with all of this in mind, he is possibly one of the strongest monsters in Megaforce, and possible one of the strongest and most powerful monsters in the entire Megaforce series.

  • Strength: Rotox is one of the stronger monsters in Megaforce, being able to to out match all five of the Megaforce Rangers in the first battle.
  • Armor: Rotox has super strong armor that can take many direct hits from his enemies.
  • Scan: Rotox can scan his enemies for strength and weaknesses.
  • Roll Out Rush: Rotox can retract his limbs, turning him into a wheel that will rush at his enemies.
  • Chain Blast: Rotox is able to throw chains to tie up his enemies.
  • Laser Vision: Rotox can fire highly focused red colored energy lasers from his optical sensors.
  • Eye Blast: Rotox can also fire a red colored energy blast from his optical sensors.
  • Nether Beam: Rotox can fire a red tractor beam from his left gantlet gun-like arm cannon to grab and throw his enemies around.


  • Shield: Rotox can also use the Nether Beam to attract matter and condense them into a shield which excels in offense and defense, it is strong enough to block the Megaforce Blasters.
    • Shield Rush: Rotox can throw his shield into the enemies that will repeatably attack the target like a boomerang.

Behind the Scenes


  • Rotox is voiced by Mark Wright.


  • Rotox is the first and only monster in both Megaforce and Super Megaforce to get upgraded.
  • Rotox is similar to Masher, a character from an anime show based on a video game, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
    • Both are monsters send down to destroy the protagonist.
    • Both are robots.
    • Both are one of the strongest enemies to be faced by a protagonist.
    • Both monsters get upgraded.
    • Both monsters can fire a red colored energy laser.
  • Rotox has only one less model than Sentai, Zan-KT0 of the Shot, which had they adapted would've been used in Super Megaforce.

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