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Rose Monger (バラモンガー Bara Mongā, 29) is the rose-themed Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma.

Character History

Rose Monger as "Red Rose Fencer"

Rose Monger is created by instruction of Queen Hedrian to defeat the two ultimate sword techniques of Sun Vulcan: VulEagle's Hiba Returns and Sun Vulcan Robo's Aura Plasma Returns, believing the team will no longer be viable if they're stopped. Taking the human "identity" of Red Rose Fencer, she challenges Hiba and defeats his move before using her Expansion Program to force Sun Vulcan Robo out, likewise using its power to defeat the mech's ultimate finisher and forcing retreat. When Black Magma begins to rampage due to Rose Monger's success, VulShark and VulPanther try and fail to fight her as Hiba tries to figure out a method to defeat the Red Rose Lightning Drop that the Monger uses in combat.

However everything changes with the appearance of "White Rose Fencer" (actually Misa Arashiyama in disguise), who makes a name for herself to force Red Rose Fencer into combat. Despite her own sword skills being rusty, White Rose Fencer tries long enough to force Takayuki to see a way to defeat the Red Rose Lightning Drop, which he does by discovering the secret of the five moves and thus the means to attack once the actual opponent is in front of him. With the move finally defeated, Sun Vulcan defeats Rose Monger properly with the Vulcan Ball. When it once again challenges Sun Vulcan Robo with its growth via its Expansion Program, it tries the Red Rose Lightning Drop again, which is defeated with the mecha bending over and slashing the Monger upwards during the final move, weakening it enough to defeated it fully with its Aura Plasma Returns finisher.


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Rose Monger's main ability is her swordsmanship, using a fencing foil as a weapon and finishing off opponents with its ultimate move: Red Rose Lightning Drop, which involves five stages to elude the opponent before attacking them. She also uses a human disguise, use explosive red rose petals as a means to cast illusions to make enemies see what it desires during combat called the Rose Hell, summon three flying foils, and bombs that resemble roses.

Behind the Scenes


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