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Rooten-Toomen was the rightful ruler of the planet Rutabaga 6 and the Rutabaga System roughly ten thousand years ago. Among others, he was also one of the enemies of Rita Repulsa.

Character History

From afar, Rooten-Toomen watched over the Desert of Despair's statue of Ninjor, creator of the Power Coins. He had guards all over the relic as it housed the Dragonzord Power Coin. Rita, however, tricked him into a peace treaty and tried to steal the coin for herself. Eventually he sees through her trickery and battles her in the desert. Rita emerges victorious. It is unknown what became of Rooten-Toomen afterwards as the Desert of Despair in modern days is deserted.


  • Rooten-Toomen has a staff that he can create spells with as well as deliver power energy blasts from.


Behind the Scenes


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