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Ronny on Empty is the twenty-third and twenty-fourth episode of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. This marks the first appearance of the BattleFleet Megazord


Part 1

Ronny runs into a stubborn obstacle named Will while trying to throw a Halloween party. When she's captured to power Moltor and the Fearcats's latest weapon, can Will steal her back? Also, the Centurion Torch produces a clue to the next jewel's presence in Egypt. But the Rangers will have a tough time getting to it, as they face a Ronny-powered giant dinosaur robot, and an evilly-reprogrammed Sentinel Knight!

Part 2

Norg and Will strike a strange alliance in their attempt to find the Fearcats' secret hideout. The equally strange alliance between Moltor and Mig & Benglo appears to be leading to the defeat of the Rangers. So, if Ronny runs out of life energy in her unwilling powering of Moltor's giant robot, her teammates will likely run out of life energy as well!


Part 1 

Dax and Will are in the mansion, playing pool.  Dax:  Eight ball, corner pocket, eyes close.  Will:  Don't you think you should break before calling your shots.  Dax:  Watch and learn my friend.  Dax closed his eyes and took the shot.  The balls went everywhere.  Dax:  What happen?!  Will told Dax he had lost.  A creepy monster came up and told them I go next.  Dax and Will prepared themselves.  Ronny took off her mask laughing.  Ronny told them she thought she would go as something scary this year.  Will told her Halloween is for kids.  Ronny ignore him.  Ronny told them if they didn't help with the decorating, they wouldn't be able to have any punch.  Mr. Hartford's voice came over the loudspeakers and he instructed everyone to come to the control center.

The teens gathered in the control center, where Mr. Hartford is waiting for them.  Mr. Hartford twists open a compartment inside the Centurion Torch.  Inside the compartment is a beetle encased in amber.  Mack takes a reading and it has strong jewel reading.  Mr. Hartford tells the teens he is going to send it to the lab for more analysis.  Mr. Hartford also tells the teens the lab is working on new Fleet zords for them.  Elsewhere, Moltor is trying to get his giant robot to work, but he fails.  Moltor leaves the robot and complains to the Fearcats that the gyros they brought him from Flurious is not working.  The Fearcats have another plan and tell Moltor not to worry.  The Fearcats leave.  In the ice den, Norg is excited about Halloween.  Norg has his goodies ready for the big crowd that comes every year.  Although Norg is puzzled that they are always dressed as penguins.  Flurious doesn't pay much attention to Norg.  The screen shows that one of his gyros is beings activated.  Flurious becomes angry and tells Norg to gather his Chillers.  In the city, the Fearcats are enjoying scaring the citizens.  The Fearcats know the Power Rangers would do anything to protect them and this gives them an idea.  Inside the mansion, the teens are decorating for the Halloween party.  Spencer is helping out as well.  Tyzonn tells Spencer how Rose explain to him what Halloween is and he is excited about it.  Will is still not into the spirit of the event.  Ronny points out that even Sentinel Knight is helping out.  Sentinel Knight, who is craving pumpkins, admits he is having fun.  Will adds that Sentinel Knight is already in costume.  Everyone, except Will, is enjoying themselves, until Mr. Hartford tells them there is trouble in the city.  The teens quickly take off.  The Rangers and Sentinel Knight arrive in the city.  The Fearcats are not surprise to see them.  The Fearcats do have a surprise for the Rangers when Moltor arrives and is ready to help the Fearcats.  The Rangers, Sentinel Knight, the Fearcats and Moltor battle.  During the battle, Sentinel Knight tells Black Ranger he can use him as the Sentinel sword.  The Fearcats capture Yellow Ranger and vanish.  Moltor decides he would like a trophy as well.  Moltor captures Black Ranger with the Sentinel sword and vanishes before the remaining four Rangers can do anything.

Ronny and Will are taken to the woods and tied to a tree.  Moltor, the Fearcats, and several Lava Lizards are close by.  Ronny asks Will if he can hear anything.  Will uses his hearing to listen.  The Fearcats are not happy with Moltor bringing back Will or the Sentinel Knight.  The Sentinel Knight is too powerful for the converter.  Moltor tells them he knows that.  Moltor will try to convert Sentinel Knight to evil, and if that doesn't work, Sentinel Knight will be destroyed.  The Fearcats ask again about Will.  Moltor tells the Fearcats not to worry, he will destroy Will.  Ronny asks Will what is being said.  Will doesn't say anything.  Instead Will starts working on freeing them.  In the control center, Rose, Dax, Mack, and Tyzonn slid down the poles and hurry over to Mr. Harford.  The four teens are worried about their friends and want to rescue them.  Much to their surprise, Mr. Hartford wants them to go to Egypt.  Mr. Hartford tells them the amber beetle came back with a positive jewel reading.  Dax, Mack, Tyzonn, and Rose want to help their friends instead.  Mr. Hartford tells them Will and Ronny are trained Power Rangers, they know what to do.  Reluctantly, Mack, Tyzonn, Rose, and Dax leave for Egypt.  Back in the woods, Benglo breaks up an argument between Mig and Moltor.  The villains then notice Ronny and Will have escape.  Ronny and Will run through the woods with the Fearcats and the Lava Lizards after them.  Ronny stops Will and asks him again what was being said.  Will tells Ronny that he was never part of the plan and how they plan on destroying him.  The Fearcats have spotted them.  Ronny lets herself be captured while Will gets away from the Lava Lizards.  Will contacts Mr. Hartford and lets him know what is going on.  Mr. Hartford instructs Will to return to base and wait for the others.  Will refuses, as he tells Mr. Hartford, no Ranger left behind.  In the Fearcats hideout, the Fearcats drag Ronny towards the converter.  Moltor and his Lava Lizards enter and start the converter up.  Moltor places the Sentinel sword into the panel to turn it evil.  Meanwhile, Will is searching through the woods when he is stopped by Flurious, Norg, and several Chillers.  Will morphs into Black Ranger.  Black Ranger, with his Hovertek cycle, battles the Chillers.  While Black Ranger is occupied, Flurious tells Norg to search for the Fearcats' hideout.  Norg leaves.  Black Ranger destroys the Chillers and comes after Flurious.  Flurious vanishes before Black Ranger can do anything.  In the Fearcats' hideout, Ronny struggles to free herself from Mig and Benglo.  Mig and Benglo placed her hands on the converter and Moltor starts the process.  Ronny can do nothing, as her power starts to drain from her.

Will and Norg bump into each other in the woods.  Norg recognizes Will as a Power Ranger.  Instead of being afraid, Norg is thrilled to be "captured" by a Power Ranger.  Will asks Norg several questions, but Norg cannot answer any.  Will has Norg stay put as he investigates further.  Meanwhile, Rose, Dax, Mack, and Tyzonn arrive in Egypt and begin their search.  They enter a stall and talk to the person there.  The merchant keeper immediately recognizes the beetle in amber and tells the teens he had always thought it was only a legend.  In the Fearcats' hideout, Moltor is successfully draining Ronny of her power.  When Moltor gets a lot of power, he is ready to power up his robot and sends it out.  The Fearcats tell Moltor he should continue to drain Ronny's power, but Moltor doesn't listen and leaves.  Sentinel Knight comes to and begins to battle the Fearcats.  Sentinel Knight is not as strong as he was and asks the Fearcats what have they done to him.  Sentinel Knight and the Fearcats continue to battle.  Sentinel Knight gets knocked into the converter.  This causes Sentinel Knight to turn evil and under the control of the Fearcats.  Ronny can only watch in horror, as she is still having her power drain and can do nothing.  Moltor gets into his robot and immediately sets off to attack.  In Egypt, Mack, Tyzonn, Rose, and Dax listen as the merchant takes out a book about the beetle and the four teens they need to look under the sand for the next step.  The four teens are contacted about trouble in San Angeles and take off.  They are unaware that Miratrix is there and has overheard their conversation.  The four Rangers arrive and face down Moltor and his giant robot.  The four Rangers have their zords sent and the two Megazords are form.  The four Rangers battle Moltor.  It is a difficult made worse when a giant Sentinel Knight arrives to help Moltor in his battle against the Rangers.  The Rangers also have to contend with Moltor's Lavadactyls,  Andrew and Spencer are monitoring the battle.  When the Megazord falls apart, Andrew and Spencer send in the new Fleet zords.  Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger are thrilled with the new zords.  The Fearcats are not happy to see the Rangers have a new weapon.  The three Rangers destroy the Lavadactyls.  Moltor's robot runs out of power and Moltor has to retreat.  Mr. Hartford appears on their screen and tells the Rangers they need to return.

Rose, Dax, Mack, and Tyzonn return to the control center, but they are confused.  They had Moltor and the Fearcats on the run.  Mr. Hartford tells them the Battle Fleet zords are not ready yet.  Tyzonn asks if there has been any word on Will or Ronny.  Spencer tells them not since Will has gone silent.  Spencer reassures them that Ronny and Will are strong Rangers.  Mr. Hartford insists that the four Rangers find the jewel.  In the woods, Will continues his search for Ronny.  In the Fearcats' hideout, Ronny pleads to a silent Sentinel Knight to help her as she becomes more weak.

Part 2

Rose, Dax, Mack, and Tyzonn are searching the desert in Egypt.  Dax:  Beetles in the sand.  Thanks for the tip Egyptian guy!  Mack:  I'm getting some faint signals.  We must be close to something.  Rose wished they had some sort of sign.  The four teens came up to an animal skull.  That was not the sign Rose was thinking off.  The four teens continued on.

Will is searching for Ronny when Norg walks up to him.  Will is not happy to see Norg as he is trying to figure out what trail the Fearcats took.  There are several trails in front of them.  Norg then starts assessing the trails and make intelligent deductions about which trail the Fearcats would take.  Will realizes Norg is not useless and suggests they work together.  Norg does not want to make Flurious angry and shakes his head no.  Will then suggests that Norg take the right trail and Will will just follow him.  Norg agrees.  In the Fearcats' hideout, Ronny is almost out of energy.  Moltor, the Fearcats, several Lava Lizards, and Sentinel Knight are there.  There is an argument among the Fearcats and Moltor until the screen shows Norg and Will close to their hideout.  Moltor sends out several Lava Lizards to take care of them.  In Egypt, Dax, Mack, Tyzonn, and Rose continue their search as well.  Dax spots a cool lake ahead of them and goes running toward it.  Rose shouts out it is only a mirage, but Dax dives in.  Mack, Tyzonn, and Rose reach the spot where Dax had gone under the sand.  Dax pops back out and tells his friends he thinks he found something.  Tyzonn, Rose, and Mack go through the sand.  They enter a tomb and continue with their search.  In the woods, Norg leads Will to the Fearcats' hideout.  Will is not impress when all he sees is a pile of rocks.  Will soon realizes he is wrong when several Lava Lizards leap out of the rocks.  Will battles the Lava Lizards and soon morphs into Black Ranger.  Black Ranger battles the Lava Lizards.  Norg takes off running, as he has done what Flurious had told him, find the Fearcats' hideout.  Black Ranger destroys the Lava Lizards and then leaps into the pile of rocks.  In Egypt, Rose, Dax, Mack, and Tyzonn are walking along the halls of the tomb.  Rose steps on a trigger and soon numerous beetles are after them.  The four teens take off running and soon enter a room.  Mack uses his super strength to move a slab of stone and block the entry, so the beetles cannot come after them.  Dax, Mack, Tyzonn, and Rose's relief is short live as they see Miratrix and Kamdor are there as well.

Kamdor blasts the four teens and then he and Miratrix take off.  Meanwhile, Will has entered the Fearcats' hideout and is searching for Ronny.  Will decides now is the time for backup and punches in his coordinates.  Will runs into a little trouble when he runs into a Lava Lizard.  Will and the Lava Lizard battle.  The Lava Lizard yells that he has found Will.  Will knocks out the Lava Lizard and then hides as two more Lava Lizards enter, but don't see anything.  The two Lava Lizards leave, despite protests from the three.  Will and the Lava Lizard battle once more and Will defeats the Lava Lizard.  Elsewhere, Rose, Dax, Mack, and Tyzonn pursue Miratrix and Kamdor out in the desert.  Dax, Mack, Tyzonn, and Rose morphed.  The four Rangers battle Miratrix and Kamdor, who have the tablet.  The tablet goes flying between various Rangers and Miratrix and Kamdor.  Eventually, the four Rangers get the tablet.  Miratrix and Kamdor retreat.  In the Fearcats' hideout, Will runs into Moltor.  In the control center, the tablet arrives and Spencer and Mr. Hartford are thrilled.  Back at the Fearcats' hideout, Will morphs.  Black Ranger and Moltor battle.  In the converter room, the Fearcats watch the screen.  It shows Black Ranger inside the hideout and outside the four teens are on there way.  The Fearcats are not happy as they leave.  Ronny is almost complete drained and the Sentinel Knight still stands by silently.  Black Ranger busts down the door and knocks down Sentinel Knight.  Black Ranger demorphs and hurries over to Ronny.  Will tries to remove Ronny from the converter.  Will glances over at the control panel and sees Ronny does not have much time left. 

Will races over to the control panel and tears off the cover.  Will is stump for the moment, as there are five wires, colored red, yellow, blue, black, and pink.  Will decides to cut the black wire.  The converter shuts down.  Will races over to Ronny, who teasingly asks him what took him so long.  Meanwhile, Rose, Dax, Mack, and Tyzonn run into the Fearcats.  Benglo takes off as the four teens morphed.  Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, and Mercury Ranger battle Mig.  It is a tough battle.  Mr. Hartford contacts the four Rangers and tells them the Battle Fleet zords are ready and he is sending them out.  The four Rangers are thrilled.  Mig is not.  Benglo now joins in the battle as well.  Elsewhere, Moltor has entered his giant robot and is ready to enter the battle as well.  Moltor arrives and battles the four Rangers as well.  The four Rangers are overwhelmed until they see Will and Ronny arrive.  Will and Ronny morphed and join in the battle.  The Fearcats are confident they will win, since they have Sentinel Knight.  But Sentinel Knight has turned good and joins in the battle on the Rangers' side.  The zords arrive and the Megazord is formed.  The five Rangers in the Megazord battle Moltor in his robot.  Mercury Ranger battle Benglo and Sentinel Knight battles Mig on the ground.  The five Rangers destroyed Moltor's robot, although not Moltor.  On the ground, the Fearcats see the giant robot being destroy and decide to retreat.  The Rangers are thrilled with another victory.

Norg runs into the ice cave, thrilled with himself for making himself useful and finding the Fearcats' hideout.  Flurious is sitting on the throne and wonders where he has gone wrong.  Flurious yells at Norg that next time he is to call him when he finds the hideout.  Norg takes the yelling in stride and quickly forgets as he races to the door to greet the penguin trick or treaters.  At the Hartford mansion, Ronny's party is in full swing.  Ronny is surprise to see Will at the party and in costume.  Will tells Ronny if she can risk her life for him, he can come to her party.  Spencer and Mr. Hartford enter the room, also dressed in costume.  At first, Spencer and Mr. Hartford are taken aback to see Mack, who is dressed like a robot.  But it is apparent that Mack is enjoying himself and Spencer and Mr. Hartford exchange a look of relief.  



  • Mack's choice of Halloween costume (which is a robot) and Andrew Hartford's reaction to it foreshadows the next episode.
  • The episode's title is a nod to the phrase "running on empty", which means continuing to operate with no or very little enthusiasm, energy, or resources left- a reference to a car that has nearly run out of fuel.
  • This is the first the Sentinel Knight fights as a giant.

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