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Romano is the first planet conquered by the Silver Imperial Army Zone during their campaign to conquer one-thousand planets for their leader, Galactic Empress Meadow. It is a planet known for a race of powerful knights feared throughout the universe but who can only sustain their power through the sucking of blood of other alien races. When they came to the planet, Zone lead by Galactic Scientist Doldora easily crushed Romano's knights and killed the people of the world, leaving it desolated. The only survivor, Romanoian Rei Zooba, escapes from the conquest but vows vengeance against Zone for the destruction of his race and the murder of his mother, father and little sister. Ep. 10: Suck My Blood!


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The planet's name and it's inhabitants need to drink blood, is a clear reference to Romania, home to the fictional vampire Count Dracula.

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