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Rogan (ロガン Rogan) is a Space Beast of the Great Star League Gozma

Character History

A Space Beast who forms from rocks, with a giant red net to keep him together. He uses his power as well as creates a stone mace with one of his hands. His main ability involves the transformation of gas into a toxic poison gas for harming humans unexpectedly. However while the Changeman seem to have a hard time with him at first, they find out that a motorcycle racer spotted Rogan's initial formation on Earth and discovered his weakness. Mai decided to race the biker to find the secret out, but Rogan attacks once again in order to eliminate it. They discover through him that the net that surrounds Rogan is the weak spot keeping him together; after destroying him with the Power Bazooka, Change Phoenix uses her Phoenix Fire ability to destroy the net to keep him down. However, Gyodai rebuilds him complete with his net forcing them to destroy it once again with Change Robo's vulcans before completely finishing it off with Dengeki-Ken.Ep. 15: Reckless Rider Mai


Rogan is silent and never speaks.

Modus and Arsenal

Rogan had the power to transform gas into a toxic poison gas for harming humans unexpectedly. The plan was basically to turn all gases on earth into poison gas thus rendering it uninhabitable, but his real trump card was in his decoy strategy. The giant rock golem is not Rogan. Rogan is the red net on its back. The net in question is actually a powerful telekinetic creature that has the power to animate rock golems for it to ride on. Since no one knows the net is the real Rogan and they attack the golem, which Rogan can easily repair or replace, rendering the Changeman's early effort ineffective.



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Behind the Scenes

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