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""You're in a violent mood today, boss.""
―Rofer's first words when arriving on Xandred's Junk and seeing Xandred throttling a Mooger.[src]
"If I could get my hands on you...Ahhh!"
―Rofer's final words before his first destruction.[src]
"Oh No. I'm all punched out!"
―Rofer's final words before his second destruction.[src]

Rofer is the Nighlok with the ability to extend his arms to the extreme lengths. He also can burrow them under the ground and attack the opponents suddenly. Rofer is the main antagonist of the episode "The Team Unites".


Rofer is one of Nighloks. He has the unique ability to extend his arms with giant fists and attack the opponents with them under the ground. In the third episode, Rofer arrived to the junk of Master Xandred. Rofer saw Master Xandred struggle a Mooger and told his master that he was in the violent mood today. Octoroo was happy to see Rofer and said that Rofer could land a hand, but he could land a two. Rofer said that he could land two finest fists any world has ever seen. Dayu told Rofer that she hoped he wouldn't brag like that in front of the Samurai Rangers. Rofer told Dayu to care what she says and asked her where she would be without Master Xandred. Dayu was angry and threw her sword at Rofer, which hit the wall. Dayu told Rofer that it's he who should watch what he said. Dayu told Rofer that he had no right to talk to her and called him a big fisted little-brained nitwit. Rofer answered that he liked his big fists and he wanted to finish his line by saying about his brain, but he didn't finish, not making anything up. Dayu again called him nitwit. Xandred threw a mooger at the wall and ordered Rofer and Dayu stop arguing and said that Sanzu River couldn't rise, while they stayed there. Xandred then sent Rofer to horrify the people in the city to lift up the level of Sanzu River. Rofer attacked Panorama City and started to fright the people in the restaurant where Mike and his friends were eating. Rofer appeared from the ground and lifted a man in the chair. Rofer said people to hold to their sits and this was gonna get wild. Rofer started horrifying people and was punching them. Rofer toyed with people and even hugged them. Mike noticed Nighlok and tried to stop him, while Mike's friends were scared. Rofer also caught a man with the rap style and said that if he liked rap so much that he would like Rofer's move. Rofer noticed Mike's friends and told them that they were running the wrong way. Rofer attacked Mike's friends with his energy spits. Then Mike morphed and tried to battle the villain. Mike told Rofer that it's over, but nighlok answered it was over for Mike. Rofer joked that if Mike wanted his hand, then he sould buy him flowers at first. Rofer also sarcastically called Mike a "broccoli colored bum". In the first fight Rofer easily defeated the Green Samurai Ranger. Mike told Rofer that he would buy him a ticket back to the Netherworld, but he didn't finish his line as nighlok attacked the green ranger with his fists. Mike was surprised and didn't notice what just happened. Rofer jokingly answered that he served Mike a knockout sandwich and if the ranger was still hungry there comes a second helping. Mike was surprised and didn't notice what that meant and Rofer attacked Mike with his fists from the ground. Mike hit the tree and Rofer declared that he was cool as an iceberg but he stung like a bee and it's tough to stop what you can't see. Rofer again attacked Mike with his fists from the ground. Mike was surprised and didn't understand how's nighlok going to attack him. Rofer continued attacking and said that when it comes to his fists Mike is all thumbs. Mike questioned if nighlok called him all thumbs and leaped on the building. Rofer asked the green ranger if Mike was tired of his underground fight club trick then he will take it to the new heights. Mike thought that nighlok couldn't reach him on the building, but Rofer attacked him with his fists and Mike fell on the ground, exhausted. Mike said that he may be down but he wasn't out. Rofer said all that left to do was to put Mike into the dumpster. Rofer was about to finish Mike, but Jayden arrived to help his friend. Jayden attacked nighlok and declared that that's enough, Rofer is warned out and welcomed. Rofer attacked Jayden with his fists. Mike was shocked at Jayden's defeat. Rofer delightfully declared that even the Red Ranger can't see what's going underground. The other rangers arrived and worried about their friends. Suddenly Rofer started drying and decided to return to the Netherworld. Rofer declared that he would punch out for now and he would see the rangers later. Then later Rofer returned to the junk of Xandred and met Octoroo. Rofer said that water filled his evil powers. Octoroo declared that level of Sanzu River has increased. Octoroo said that Rofer scared people and tears of people filled the river. Xandred was glad. Rofer said that he dried out and after filling up his powers he will turn the Power Rangers into the chopped liver. Octoroo told Rofer that after his mighty fists would relax he would return to the human world to scare people. The more human fear the faster nighloks will drown the Earth. Octoroo said that he couldn't wait for it. Rofer declared that Samurai Rangers didn't know whom they were battling. Mike and Jayden then trained to battle Rofer and avoid his fists by sensing the thrusts in the ground. Then Rofer returned and attacked the city with an army of Moogers. Rofer scared the people. Rofer asked the people if they tried to run away and he said that he got them. Moogers caught the people and Rofer caught the people with his arms. Rofer told the people that they had better deal with him that Master Xandred. Rofer again hugged the people. When Samurai Rangers arrived, Rofer called them punching rangers. Rangers morphed and Rofer was surprised that Mike wasn't among them. Rofer thought that Mike was scared of their previous fight and didn't return. Rofer called Mike a broccoli boy. However Mike returned and rangers were surprised to see their comrade. But Mike wanted to deal with Rofer alone. Kevin thought that Mike was no match for nighlok but Mike wanted to get revenge on the villain and morphed. Rofer sent moogers to attack and take their daily greenery. Mike told the moogers that he learned new moves that would surprise them. Kevin was astonished by Mike's actions and the other rangers joined their friend. While the other Samurai Rangers fought with Moogers, Rofer again encountered Mike. Now Mike defeated him. Rofer teased Mike by saying that the green ranger will develop a bad case of fistophobia. Nighlok stroke Mike, sending him to fly. Rofer sarcastically questioned Mike if he had a nice fly. Mike used his training of sensing the thrusts in the ground. Mike teased nighlok by saying that his arms weren't fast enough to catch him. Rofer asked if Mike's strategy was running away and said that it won't help the green ranger. Rofer tried to attack Mike with his fists and even stroke the cars. Rofer joked that Mike shouldn't play in traffic and declared that Mike couldn't run from his fists. Rofer joked that Rofer thought that he would capture Mike and it was a question of time. Mike tricked Rofer by making the nighlok longly pursue him with his fists and Rofer confused them. Mike said that Rofer's attacks were loosing punch, he was tiring and just spoiling the concrete. Mike found Rofer and asked the villain if he missed him. Rofer joked that he was and wanted to show him something. Rofer tried to attack Mike with his second arm but Jayden arrived and together they defeated Rofer. Jayden defeated one of nighlok's arms. Rofer stated that red ranger stopped one punch, but he had two arms. Rofer stroke Jayden with his arm but Mike dogged his arms and caught Rofer by the back and Rofer was astonished, asking what kind of move that was. Rofer tried to gather his arms but they were confused. Rofer noted that his arms were confused. Rofer was defeated by Mike with the Wood Vortex Attack. He then resurrected and enlarged himself. In the giant size, Rofer was even more powerful and he could fire the slime. First Mike attacked him with his Bear Samurai Zord and Rofer laughed at Mike, saying that his bear wouldn't stop him. However Bearzord attacked him and other rangers joined Mike. Rofer joked that it was time to kick back and punched Mike. But Mike joined his friends and together they formed Samurai Megazord. Rofer tried to defeat the Samurai Megazord with his fists and energy spits. He again joked that heroes looked mega hungry for a big time battle and he would give them a punching portion of his tasty titanic tricks and stretched his arms. Rangers used the instincts to sense his arms. Rofer again joked and asked if they fell asleep and it's their wake up clock. But Samurai Megazord cut off the arms of monster. Rofer said that this couldn't be. Then Samurai Megazord destroyed him by Samurai Strike. Rofer was shocked of his defeat and declared that he was all punched out. The Team Unites  

Rofer later appeared at a Halloween party at the Nighlok Heaven. He recounts his battles with the Samurai Rangers. Party Monsters


Rofer is quite confident and talkative. He is highly jolly and acrimonious and enjoys joking. He took pleasure from his mission to horrify people to lift up the level of Sanzu River and destroy the Samurai Rangers. But he underestimated them and it caused his defeat. Rofer enjoyed teasing Mike, often calling him a broccoli, but he underestimated the Green Samurai Ranger and it caused his defeat. Rofer had bad relationships with Dayu and she disliked him and called him a nitwit. Rofer also disliked Dayu and considered her abusive and arrogant. Rofer just like many other Nighloks is faithful and loyal to Master Xandred and Octoroo. During the party in Nighlok Heaven, Rofer was much more compromised and peaceful and his role seems to be that of the party host.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Rofer possess big physical strength and is a skilled fighter. 
  • Arm Stretch: Rofer can stretch his arms to incredibly long distances.
  • Punch: Using his extra strong fists, he can punch his enemies.
  • Tough Skin: Rofer has a tough skin that can resist some attacks.
  • Resurrection: Just like other Nighloks, Rofer can resurrect himself after death.
  • Enlarging: Just like other Nighloks, Rofer can enlarge himself and turn into the Mega Monster.
  • Spit: Rofer can spit out an energy attack from his mouth.


  • Fists: While lacking melee weapons, Rofer uses his fists in battle.

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