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Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun was the 32nd episode of the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


A new Pachinko game is delivered to the Angel Grove Youth Center and Rocky really gets into it. However, Lord Zedd has a little game of his own to play when he casts a spell over Rocky, causing him to only want to have fun whilst he also creates the powerful Pachinko Head monster. Pachinko Head can turn the Rangers into helpless giant pachinko balls and leaves the Earth open to an attack by Serpentera!


At the Angel Grove Youth Center, Ernie has just received a new Pachinko machine, one that Rocky instantly finds fun to play. Watching from up in the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd gets the idea to let Rocky's fun last forever by making it the only thing on his mind and casts a spell on him. Soon, Rocky's love for the machine turns to an obsession, causing him to ignore both Billy and Kayla, a karate student he had promised to practice with. Off to the side, Skull tries to show Bulk his new theory on how to find the Power Rangers' true identities. He points out how every time there's a monster attack in Angel Grove, Ernie takes the day off so he thinks that Ernie himself is a Power Ranger. Bulk seems to accept the theory.

Billy runs out to the park to meet with the other Rangers as they play Frisbee and informs them of Rocky's odd behavior. Putties suddenly appear and interrupt their meeting for a fight and Zordon calls Rocky to request his aid in the battle. Rocky initially refuses since "that's no fun" but decides to go to the park anyway so he can play on the playground. High above the Earth in Serpentera, Lord Zedd watches the Putties fall and decides to make a new monster out of the Pachinko machine, creating Pachinko Head. The Rangers morph to do battle with the monster but Rocky proves to be of no help as he runs around like a child. Regardless, the other Rangers try to fight without Rocky until Pachinko Head turns them all into Pachinko balls. Only Tommy is able to avoid getting transformed and he lures Pachinko Head away by making him chase the Frisbee from earlier.

Tommy scoops up the Pachinko balls and teleports to the Command Center, where Alpha promises to restore the Rangers to normal. Zordon then reports that Pachinko Head is on a rampage through the city, one made worse when Lord Zedd throws down a grenade to make his monster grow. Tommy summons the White Tigerzord to fight Pachinko Head but is quickly overpowered and forced to retreat. Alpha manages to break Pachinko Head's spell on Rocky, which also breaks Zedd's spell in the process. Rocky admits his fault in the situation and teleports out to summon the Red Dragon Thunderzord. In its Warrior mode, Rocky's Thunderzord is able to hold his own against Pachinko Head while Alpha restores the remaining Rangers after which they all form the Thunder Megazord and destroy the monster for good.

However, the danger isn't over yet, as Serpentera arrives just as Pachinko Head is destroyed and blasts the Thunder Megazord, easily dismantling it back into the Red Dragon Thunderzord. Serpentera then attempts to crush the lone Zord, which is saved by the arrival of Tor the Shuttlezord at the last second. The Red Dragon takes shelter inside Tor, which Serpentera then attempts to crush, however, Tor's tough exterior allows it to survive the pressure. After several seconds of trying in vain to break through Tor's shell, Serpentera runs out of power. Lord Zedd is forced to retreat back to the moon though he swears that his war with the Rangers is not over.

At the Youth Center, Ernie points out that he never left during the entire monster attack, shooting down Skull's theory and earning him an ear-pull from Bulk. Nearby, Rocky apologizes for his actions to his friends, having realized that there's a time for work and a time for play. Luckily, Kayla is still waiting for him and Rocky goes off to practice with her as he promised.




  • The episode title is a reference to the Cyndi Lauper song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."
  • This episode is notable for being the first time that Bob Manahan stops trying to do an impression of David Fielding and Zordon just speaks with a modified version of his normal voice.
  • This episode uses footage from Serpentera's first appearance in Dairanger who was a giant sentient dragon God in that series and was changed due to being way too goofy.
    • In fact, this is how the Red Dragon Thunderzord fight ended in Dairanger; Daijinryuu nearly treading on Great Famous Pachinko Player who then fled to survive and we got the Tor sequence used here.
  • In Dairanger, Pachinko Head proved immune to Dairen'oh's punches but tripped and was subsequently killed by being crushed to death under Daijinryuu's foot.
    • This was changed to him being destroyed by the Thunder Megazord because it would make no sense for Zedd to destroy his own monster for no reason.
  • The trailer for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie aired immediately before this episode's original airing.
  • This is the first time a monster turned Power Rangers into inanimate objects. This would be repeated again in season 3’s prolifically throughout Season 3 in the episodes Wizard for a Day, Fourth Down and Long and Another Brick in the Wall.


  • How much fuel Serpentera consumed because it ran out of fuel was extremely inconsistent to bend to the will of the plot. In The Power Transfer, it reached the Deserted Planet, caused mass destruction, had a “showdown” with Tor, crushed and ground it for a good bit, destroyed the planet, returning to Earth, entered the atmosphere, and ran out of fuel. Here, it ran out of fuel immediately after arriving on Earth and having a “showdown” with Tor.
  • The narrator in the intro says “But Lord Zedd has a game of his own when he casts a spell over Rocky.” In actuality, he casts it over the pachinko machine he uses and Rocky just happens to be affected.
  • The narrator calls Zedd's spell "dreadful" when in actuality, it is only annoying and does not sabotage them in the episodes.
  • The way that the fact there is a test Billy and Rocky prepare for is amazingly clunky.
  • Billy just happens to know what a pachinko game is despite it only being popular in Asia and this being before the internet was widespread (and long before reliable search engines at that).
  • For an episode focused around gambling and pachinko machines, to the point of the monster of the monster being a gambling machine, it makes many fundamental mistakes about pachinko;
    • Billy says "you pull this handle and you watch the ball bearing chart an unplanned trajectory course through the game area.” In actuality, they dump dozens if not hundreds of balls at a time.
    • Pachinko machines do not work as simply as “pull lever and off you go.” They have to have coins inserted to work like arcade machines and it is fundamentally designed to do this so Ernie could not have just bought one without this mechanism.
    • Pachinko balls do not go in a "unplanned trajectory," you have to manually aim them before release.
      • Although you can obviously just release right away but it is not something you have zero control over whatsoever like he suggests.
  • Ernie says that in actuality, the game will just end and require another coin input to work again (although in real life it releases a cash prize for getting a certain number of balls in but this machine presumably does not do that or Ernie could be arrested for under-aged gambling.
  • When Rocky goes to play the pachinko machine for the very first time, the lights light up but are out in the next shot. This happens frequently in the early parts of the episode.
  • Zedd and Goldar leave the Moon in Serpentera at three and a half minutes into the episode but do not arrive on Earth until sixteen minutes in. The only way this makes sense is if they are endlessly circling the Moon dozens of times for no reason.
  • Serpentera is silhouetted against the Moon meaning that it is flying above the atmosphere but is then going along it in the follow-up.
  • When Billy gets fed up of Rocky's procrastination, he puts his hand on Rocky's shoulder but then has if off in the next shot.
    • Also, he is turned towards Rocky in the disappearing hand shot but the following up has him facing away to a different angle.
  • Skull believes that Ernie is a Power Ranger since he always had a day off whenever there is a monster attack during the last six months. However, Ernie has frequently been shown to be working on days when the Power Rangers are needed, possibly within this time period depending on when previous episodes took place.
  • In the frisbee throwing scene, Aisha is shown throwing the frisbee over Tommy and Adam's head. Adam is unable to catch it but Tommy is able to dive and grab it.
  • Kimberly immediately assumes Zedd must be the issue although Zordon would let them know if that was the case or they would get a call for help due to an attack.
    • Also, Billy then dismisses the idea instead since Rocky is the issue despite Zedd having enchanted the Rangers in one way or another at least four times on-screen.
  • Billy mentions Rocky being obsessed with Ernie's pachinko machine. This is despite the fact it clearly was not common knowledge and thus the others would not know due to Rocky being impressed by it earlier.
  • Lord Zedd immediately surmises that the Rangers are trying to ruin his plan despite the fact that they do not know that he is involved yet they have not even guessed
  • Also, Zedd then decides to send in the Putties despite the fact that this would immediately tip them off.
  • Kimberly decides to point out the Putties to her teammates despite them being immediately in front of the Rangers.
  • As usual, the Rangers constantly switch positions and body movements due to bad editing throughout the Putty fight.
  • When Bulk says "ah, that's it" after Ernie's pachinko machine is taken, his mouth does not move.
  • When the Rangers face off against Pachinko Head, only Tommy and Adam are looking at Rocky running up and down the field but the close-up that follows shows the entire team except for Billy watches him.
  • Rocky has the frisbee after Pachinko Head comments on how much fun he is having but loses it when he claps for Pachinko Head.
    • Also, for some reason, the frisbee appears to be glowing as he runs around with it.

Rocky's missed clap

  • Rocky's suit actor manages to somehow miss a clap and the editor leaves it in.
  • Tommy decides to point out both that they narrowly dodged Pachinko Head's pachinko ball blast and that they needed to get the Ranger Balls back to Adam.
  • Adam jump kicks Pachinko Head but the kick actually landing makes it clear that it was a ground based kick.
  • Alpha decides to point out that the Rangers have become giant pachinko balls.
  • Zordon needs a diagnostic scan to realize that Zedd enchanted Rocky which should be very obvious.
  • Zordon points out that Zedd's "spell of irresponsibility" makes people obsessively seek out fun as if this was not both self-evident or already obvious.
  • In obviously reused footage from Gosei Sentai Dairanger, Tommy and Pachinko Head battle near Japan's Tokyo Dome with the name on the building clearly visible in the background.
  • Tommy front-flips at the start of the amusement park scene past a building with nothing in the background. Next shot happens and there are suddenly massive buildings behind him.
  • Pachinko Head asks “what me, captured by you?” despite Tommy explicitly saying that they would destroy him.
  • Tommy then asks where Pachinko Head was going despite him just saying that he wanted fun.
  • When Tommy pursues Pachinko Head, he clearly winds up his leg like he is on a skateboard (which he was in Dairanger but is not supposed to be here).
    • Also, when Tommy jumps into a flip two shots later, you can see most of the skateboard for about a full second.
  • The White Heavenly Treasure Lai-Lai Jewel is clearly visible in the shot of Tommy jumping into the White Tigerzord.
    • Also, due to being stock footage, he is now in the countryside.
  • When Pachinko Head blasts the White Tigerzord and takes it out, AC appear twice due to reusing the same cut-down shot from White Light Part II.
  • Tommy is ejected from the White Tigerzord into the countryside instead of the city.
  • Saba decides to point out that the White Tigerzord was taken out.
  • Tommy completely vanishes from the episode until the ending after he tells Zordon of his defeat.
  • After being restored, Rocky is looking straight at Zordon but the next shot where he feels regret about his actions has him immediately looking at Alpha.
  • The Red Dragon Thunderzord roars at night but transforms in broad daylight.
  • After being drop kicked by the newly transformed Red Dragon Thunderzord, Pachinko Head goes flying backwards but then is flying face first in the follow-up.
  • The shot of the Red Dragon Thunderzord planting down its staff literally shows the fake bases of the buildings and trees.
  • Two of the Red Dragon Thunderzord's staff swing kicks clearly miss Pachinko Head but the follow-ups land anyway.
  • When the Red Dragon Thunderzord is smacked back by Pachinko Head, its staff is held down but it is being held out sideways when they jump apart.
  • Alpha uses the Diagnostic Scanner instead of the cylindrical device from earlier to restore the other Rangers.
  • Zordon tells the restored Power Rangers that Lord Zedd is about to take over the city. This is despite the fact that the Red Dragon Thunderzord was seen in the literal preceding scene fighting Pachinko Head to at the very least a stalemate and was not frozen beforehand.
  • Despite Pachinko Head being destroyed, when Zedd arrives in Serpentera, he can be seen in the far distance fighting the Thunder Megazord.

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