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Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun is the 32nd episode of Season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


A new Pachinko game is delivered to the Angel Grove gym and Juice Bar and Rocky really gets into it. But, Lord Zedd has a little game of his own to play when he casts a spell over Rocky, causing him to only want to have fun.


At the Angel Grove Youth Center, Ernie has just received a new Pachinko machine, one that Rocky instantly finds fun to play. Watching from up in the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd gets the idea to let Rocky's fun last forever by making it the only thing on his mind and casts a spell on him. Soon, Rocky's love for the machine turns to an obsession, causing him to ignore both Billy and Kayla, a karate student he had promised to practice with.

Off to the side, Skull tries to show Bulk his new theory on how to find the Power Rangers' true identities. He points out how every time there's a monster attack in Angel Grove, Ernie takes the day off so he thinks that Ernie himself is a Power Ranger. Bulk seems to accept the theory.

Billy runs out to the park to meet with the other Rangers as they play Frisbee and informs them of Rocky's odd behavior. Z-Putties suddenly appear and interrupt their meeting for a fight and Zordon calls Rocky to request his aid in the battle. Rocky initially refuses since "that's no fun" but decides to go to the park anyway so he can play on the playground.

High above the Earth in Serpentera, Lord Zedd watches the Putties fall and decides to make a new monster out of the Pachinko machine, creating Pachinko Head. The Rangers morph to do battle with the monster but Rocky proves to be of no help as he runs around like a child. Regardless, the other Rangers try to fight without Rocky until Pachinko Head turns them all into Pachinko balls. Only Tommy is able to avoid getting transformed and he lures Pachinko Head away by making him chase the Frisbee from earlier.

Tommy scoops up the Pachinko balls and teleports to the Command Center, where Alpha 5 promises to restore the Rangers to normal. Zordon then reports that Pachinko Head is on a rampage through the city, one made worse when Lord Zedd throws down a grenade to make his monster grow. Tommy summons the White Tigerzord to fight Pachinko Head but is quickly overpowered and forced to retreat.

Alpha manages to break Pachinko Head's spell on Rocky, which also breaks Zedd's spell in the process. Rocky admits his fault in the situation and teleports out to summon the Red Dragon Thunderzord. In its Warrior mode, Rocky's Thunderzord is able to hold his own against Pachinko Head while Alpha restores the remaining Rangers after which they all form the Thunder Megazord and destroy the monster for good.

However, the danger isn't over yet, as Serpentera arrives just as Pachinko Head is destroyed and blasts the Thunder Megazord, easily dismantling it back into the Red Dragon Thunderzord. Serpentera then attempts to crush the lone Zord, which is saved by the arrival of Tor the Shuttlezord at the last second. The Red Dragon takes shelter inside Tor, which Serpentera then attempts to crush, however, Tor's tough exterior allows it to survive the pressure. After several seconds of trying in vain to break through Tor's shell, Serpentera runs out of power. Lord Zedd is forced to retreat back to the moon though he swears that his war with the Rangers is not over.

At the Youth Center, Ernie points out that he never left during the entire monster attack, shooting down Skull's theory and earning him an ear-pull from Bulk. Nearby, Rocky apologizes for his actions to his friends, having realized that there's a time for work and a time for play. Luckily, Kayla is still waiting for him and Rocky goes off to practice with her as he promised.


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  • In the Frisbee throwing scene, Aisha is shown throwing the Frisbee over Tommy and Adam's head. Adam is unable to catch it but Tommy is able to dive and grab it.
  • This is the only appearance of the Pachinko machine
  • Skull believes that Ernie is a Power Ranger since he always takes a day off whenever there's a monster attack; however, Ernie has frequently been shown to be working on days when the Power Rangers are needed.
    • Even if Skull had been correct, there would have been no way for Ernie to know when an attack would take place (if anything, Skull's theory leans more towards Ernie being evil than being a Ranger).
  • The update facing shot of Pachinko Head being punched several times by the Thunder Megazord makes the Lion Thunderzord chest plate appear really cheap and tacky as well as like it's been stuck on the suit by glue. The viewer can literally see it hanging off the Zord if the viewer looks at the underside.
  • Despite Pachinko Head being destroyed, but when Lord Zedd arrives with Serpentera he is seen again.



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