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"Not for long Power Rangers! You lose! I win!"
―The Rockstar's first words after he knocked down Zack and Trini asked him if he was fine (which he answered in the affirmative) before taking them down with his rocks.[src]

"HE HE HE HE HE HE! Should I finish them off Scorpina?"
―The Rockstar after Jason's jump kick failed and before pinning them down with his rocks as well as his final words before his death.[src]

Rockstar was a rock monster who served as the titular secondary antagonist of the episode "The Rockstar".

Character History

The Rockstar was summoned by Scorpina from a pile of boulders to help her defeat the Power Rangers and find the ancient artifact known as the Mirror of Destruction. The Rockstar could fire sparkling rocks from his abdomen which could stick to their victims, preventing them from fighting back and leaving them completely helpless. The monster accompanied Scorpina, Squatt, and Baboo to a beach and attacked Jason, pinning him to the ground with his rocks. The others quickly arrived to help Jason but the group had long since left. He then showed up at a swimming pool at which point Billy and Trini arrived. However, using his rocks, he was able to render them helpless and ended the fight by throwing them into the swimming pool before retreating in order to try and locate Jason's cousin Jeremy who had the map to the Mirror. The entire group eventually met in battle against Jason and Kimberly (Zack and Trini's absence going unexplained) in a short battle ending with a jump kick from Jason failing and them pinned to the floor by the Rockstar's boulders He went after Jeremy since he possessed the mirror who Rockstar tried to kill with a boulder, but Mirror protected it's owner. Jeremy accidentally pointed the Mirror at Rockstar, and Rockstar was destroyed when he saw his reflection, a beam of light shooting out of it and blowing him apart. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Rockstar


The Rockstar was a brutish and cunning monster, that will stop at nothing on his mission to defeat the Rangers and obtain the Mirror of Destruction but he is faithful to Scorpina.

Powers and Abilities


  • Rock Blast: The Rockstar's signature attack where he can fire boulders out of a hole in his stomach. These are heavy enough to weigh down any given Rangers and prevent them from getting up.


  • Strength: The Rockstar is an incredibly strong monster, being able to pick up and throw Trini and Zack into a swimming pool despite them being weighted down by his boulders as well as pick up a massive boulder to try and kill Jeremy with.
  • Durability: Due to being made of boulders, the Rockstar shrugged off a jump kick from Jason as well as laughing at multiple hits from the Power Weapons.


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  • Fists: The Rockstar possesses no weapons other than his rocks but has large stone fists to clobber his enemies with.
  • Boulder: The Rockstar tried to crush Jeremy to death under a boulder but he and the boulder were destroyed by the Mirror of Destruction.

Behind the Scenes


  • The Rockstar was voiced by Tony Oliver who also voiced the Megazord.
    • The Rockstar was also his first monster role and second voice acting role in the franchise overall (not counting the recycled voice clips used during the Megazord transformation segments in previous episodes).


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  • The Rockstar is the first and only monster in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, that was destroyed by a civilian and not a Ranger.
    • The Rockstar is also one of only two monsters in Season 1 to be destroyed in a non-traditional fashion (i.e. not by the Power Blaster, the Power Bow or a Megazord), the first being Bones.
  • In Zyuranger, the boulder the Rockstar used was extracted from his stomach. This was removed because he was trying to crush Red and Pink (who were plainly visible in the shot) whereas Power Rangers had him trying to destroy Jeremy.
    • The change was made since the original episode had the Mirror thrown off a cliff at him by a Japanese boy Jeremy was created to replace and they had to explain why the Mirror would destroy him if no one was holding it.
  • The Rockstar is the first monster since Shellshock to speak (coherently) since Spidertron through Mutitus did nothing but snarl and growl.
    • Frankenstein Monster does not count as he said two very short lines and is generally classed as a non-speaking monster.
      • The Rockstar is not a fully speaking monster however since he also speaks two lines, otherwise communicating only in growls. The next monster to always speak coherently would be Babe Ruthless two episodes later.


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