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"Not for long Power Rangers! You lose! I win!"

Rockstar is the rock monster, who was the henchman of Scorpina and helped her fight the Rangers and seek the Mirror of Destruction. He serve as the titular secondary antagonist of the episode "The Rockstar".


Rockstar was summoned by Scorpina to help her defeat the Rangers and find the ancient artifact Mirror of Destruction. Rockstar could fire sparkling rocks from his abdomen. Rocks could stick to their victims, preventing them from fighting effectively. Monster pursued Jason's cousin Jeremy, since he possessed the mirror. Rockstar tried to kill Jeremy with stone, but Mirror protected it's owner. Jeremy accidentally pointed the Mirror at Rockstar, and Rockstar was destroyed when he saw his reflection in the mirror. The Rockstar


Rockstar was british and cunning monster, that won't stop at nothing at mission to defeat Rangers and obtain Mirror of Destruction. But he is faithful to Scorpina.

Powers And Abilities

  • Physical Strength
  • Sparkling Rocks Firing

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