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"Ahoy, Captain Mutiny!"
―Rocketron's first words when saluting said captain along with the Swabbies.[src]

"You're too curious for your own good!"
―Rockjetron when confronting the Galaxy Rangers.[src]

―Rocketron reacting to the Red Capsular Cycle and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"AH HA HA HA HA! Now 'll crush you!"
―Rocketron when he grew and tried to crush the Rangers under his palm.[src]

""Give me my power back before it's to-""
―Rockjetron's final words before his destruction with his explosion cutting off the word "late."[src]

Rocketron is a rocket-themed monster under the command of Barbarax.


Rocketron was first seen when Captain Mutiny and his crew noticed Terra Venture entering the Lost Galaxy, saluting his master along with the Swabbies. Later on, Captain Mutiny ordered Barbarax to send him to stop the Galaxy Rangers from leaving Captain Mutiny's planet and reporting the true nature of the Machine that would supposedly help the Terra Venture escape the Lost Galaxy. He took all six down and summoned Swabbies who went into battle against the six. After the Rangers defeated his Swabbies, Rocketron engaged the Rangers himself. Finally, Leo summoned the Red Capsular Cycle and attacked Rocketron with the Fireball Mode, shattering his body. Rocketron reformed and grew giant, causing the Rangers to summon the Galaxy Megazord. Rocketron was unable to defeat the Galaxy Megazord and activated his self-destruct, holding the Megazord to himself so that his self-destruct would destroy it as well. In response, Leo summons the Stratoforce Megazord which attacked Rocketron, forcing the monster to release the Galaxy Megazord. The Stratoforce Megazord restrained Rocketron and the Galaxy Megazord struck him down with a charged strike from the Galaxy Megazord Saber just as his self-destruct went off, apparently destroying Rocketron.

After the Rangers left, it was revealed that Rocketron survived once again and had reformed in his usual size. However, Deviot grabbed Rocketron and drained his energy to restore himself to his normal form. Deviot walked away as Rocketron begged for his energy back before exploding from the loss of his life energy.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Missile Projection: Rocketron can fire forth the massive blue and gray missile on his back to cause a large explosion although this didn't harm the Rangers.
  • Reformation: Rocketron can reform his body after it is ripped apart which was shown after the Red Capsular Cycle shattered him.
  • Self-Growth: Rocketron can make himself grow at will as with every monster since the Chillyfish.
  • Self-Destruct Mode: Rocketron's most dangerous ability where he can kill himself in a massive explosion that would also take out anything at close range as well.


  • Strength: Rocketron was strong enough to take down all five Rangers and restrain the Megazord for a prolonged period of time.
  • Durability: Rocketron was able to survive both the Galaxy Megazord Saber finisher and his own self-destruct although that did effectively cripple him.
  • Swabbie Summoning: Rocketron can summon Swabbies to aid him battle which was shown when he confronted the Rangers.


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  • Metal Fists: Although he possesses no handheld weapons of any sort, Rocketron has large metal fists which prove to be very effective in battle.
  • Arm Blasters: Rocketron has built-in mini-missile launchers on his arms which he uses in battle that can rapidly fire pink and bright orange lasers which took down all five Rangers present but failed to stop the Megazord.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Ironicaly, whereas Rocketron is Captain Mutiny's first monster here, he was actual the final monster in all of Gingamen ignoring the Earth Demon Beast/Grunchor.
  • Rocketron is the only monster since Gasser to be defeated by the (non-powered up) Galaxy Megazord Saber.
  • In the Power Rangers S.P.D. episode "Beginnings" Pt. 1, Rocketron's head and arms (minus the mini-missile launchers on his wrists) were recycled where they were used as part of the body of a generic alien that was seen in Parkington Market. This same alien later appeared in "Shadow" Pt. 2 as a customer at Piggy's restaurant.


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