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Rocket Tiger (ロケットタイガー Rokettotaigā, 43) is a Mechaevolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire, combining attributes of a rocket launcher and a tiger.

Character History

Rocket Tiger was created to go after Yousuke Shima as he went to deliver a new experimental rocket fuel to a science laboratory; in the attack, the Mechavolution Beast attacks him and obtains the fuel, which Zenobia then converts into the new rocket fuel for the beast to fire even more powerful, destructive rockets to destroy the Dynaman. It soon demonstrates its new power, destroying DynaPink's Dyna Suit and even hurting DynaBlack and his Clone technique with the mere power of the rockets.

Realizing the means to defeat Rocket Tiger was possibly within his teammate, Hoshikawa decides to teach Shima the Aerial Triangle Jump to fight against Rocket Tiger with nimble technique combined with power for an attack it can't fire upon. After training and even defeating the Dark Knight with the technique, Shima uses the Aerial Triangle Jump in an open field, using Hoshikawa and Dan's kicks to keep it in the air and preventing Rocket Tiger's rockets from hitting him before DynaBlue strikes down with a "Blue Lightning Kick", giving enough force to stun it long enough for the team to destroy the Mechavolution Beast with New Super Dynamite.

After being grown with the Big Bang Beam, Zenobia provides Rocket Tiger with a giant, DynaRobo-busting missile to eliminate the Dynaman's weapon; the team undocks and lay on a barrage of attacks from DynaMach and DynaMobile until Rocket Tiger wastes the rocket on itself, making it easy for the team to finally come back together and destroy it with Lightning Gravity Fall.


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Modus and Arsenal

Rocket Tiger has a rocket launcher lodged on his right shoulder; he uses it to fire rockets that he homes in on using his targeting eye. After obtaining an experimental rocket fuel, his rockets become powerful enough to destroy even the Dynaman's Dyna Suits.


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Behind the Scenes

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