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""Bwargh! Let's make this interesting!""
―The Rock Troll's first words (in his Dark Troll form) when confronted by the Rangers and before presenting the power he was given.[src]
""I'm not afraid of you! Boulder Blast!""
―The Rock Troll when the Centaurus Phoenix Megazord first shows up and then when he performed his signature attack to try and stop its finishing move as well as his final words before his death.[src]

The Rock Troll (as his name suggest) is a massive troll-like beast with rocks that act as armor and is one of the many monsters of the Underworld. He is the upgraded form of the Dark Troll.


After Necrolai tricked both Morticon and Koragg into hating one another, this Dark Troll was sent to the surface by Koragg, and was also given the Rangers's combination power. With this power, the monster was able to grow and transform into the Rock Troll. The Rangers (minus Nick who was trapped in another dimension after he leapt onto Catastros at the end of a Zord fight that Necrolai's deception caused) transformed into their Mystic Titan forms and tried to battle this monster, but were no match due to the Rock Troll's strength. Luckily, they managed to release Nick from the dimension he was in, along with Catastros. Catastros then thanks Nick for healing him by combining with the Mystic Phoenix to form the new Centaurus Phoenix Megazord. The Rock Troll and tried to take on the Megazord, but this new Megazord was too powerful for the Rock Troll to handle, and the monster was destroyed by the Centaurus Phoenix Megazord's Fire Tail attack. By destroying the Rock Troll, the Rangers regained their Titan Megazord power, but Catastros then returned to his master, Koragg.


Unlike the Dark Troll before hand, the Rock Troll is capable of speech, though he (like Mucor) isn't the brightest of monsters, but he is brave enough to take on the Centaurus Phoenix Megazord.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: By gaining the Titan Megazord's powers, the Rock Troll is far more stronger then the Dark Troll, and is also one of the stronger monsters the Rangers had fought so far, being able to knock forth boulders with enough force to knock down the Mystic Titans with one hit each.
  • Boulder Blast: The Rock Troll can summon and launch a barrage of huge boulders at his enemies using his club. This was his signature attack and the hit boulders are strong enough to knock the Mystic Titans down to the ground in one hit.


  • Ogre Club: The Rock Troll is armed with a huge club that aids him in combat. This was rarely used in actual combat and was instead mainly used in his Boulder Blast attack.

Behind The Scenes


  • The voice actor of this monster is unknown.



  • The Rock Troll's appearance is based off that of a Golem, a massive mythological beast that is made out of stones and rocks.
  • Rock Troll is the first and only monster to be fought by the Centaurus Phoenix Megazord. The only other time that it was used was to overpower Morticon in his final battle.
  • With Titan Megazord power this monster resemble an evil version of the Titan Megazord.

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