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Rock Porium

The Rock Porium is a record shop in Briarwood, owned by Toby. His employees were the Mystic Force Rangers, as well as Leelee later in the series. After Toby found out the Rangers' secret, Phineas was also employed for a time, but was fired due to his appearance frightening off customers.

Following the destruction of the Master of the Underworld and the defeat of his forces, Toby hired some of the magical residents of the forest as well, giving Phineas his job back. Xander was also promoted to manager.

Having heard reports of a magical dragon just outside Briarwood, Andrew Hartford went to the Rock Porium where he purchased one of Fire Heart's scales, which he used to power the Defender Vest that would be used by his Overdrive Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-At All Cost

At the end of the two-parter crossover episode in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Once a Ranger, Xander offered a 10% discount to the Overdrive Rangers should they shop at Rock Porium in the future.


  • In real life, the building used for Rock Porium is called Aspen House, and is part of the Jucy Hotel in New Zealand.[1]


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