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"Raaaaa! Now you've got a big problem!"
―Robtish when turning into a Mega-Monster.[src]
"Huh? What?!"
―Robtish reacting to the Battlewing Megazord charging up its finisher and his last words before his second death.[src]

Robtish is a warrior themed scottish accented Nighlok. He is a brother of Steeleto. He has 2 squinted eyes and red skin. He has a helmet with spikes and a fierce grin with fangs. His upper body, which resembles an angry beast, is based on the Otoroshi (おとろし?). He serves as the main antagonist of the episodes "Test of the Leader" and "Jayden's Challenge".


Robtish was one of Nighloks. He was a fierce warrior among them and it is also stated by Octoroo that all other Nighloks fear him. Robtish wielded a sword in battle and could fire powerful sonic attacks from dynamics on his head. In eleventh episode, Robtish was sent by Octoroo to destroy Jayden. Robtish attacked Panorama City and encountered Samurai Rangers. Robtish knocked out all Rangers, except Jayden and battled the Red Ranger. However then Deker interrupted, as he considered Jayden only as his opponent. After a long fight, which ended with Jayden holding his and Mike's Spin Swords at the two's neck, Robtish dried out and retreated.Test of the Leader

Robtish returned in the next episode, again ready to battle Jayden. He again attacked the city and encountered the Rangers. He again used his sonic attacks, but the Rangers now worked together and protected Jayden from it. Jayden then combined the Fire Smasher in the bazooka mode and destroyed Robtish. He then returned as a Mega Monster and summoned some Flying Moogers into action to help him defeat the Rangers' Samurai Megazord. However the Rangers summoned the Samurai Battlewing although Kevin came up with the idea to combine them with the Samurai Megazord, forming the new Battlewing Megazord. It easily destroyed the Moogers and quickly disarmed Robtish with a slash up his front. Now helpless, Robtish was destroyed for good by the Battlewing Megazord's Megablade.Jayden's Challenge

Robtish later attended a Halloween party at the Nighlok Heaven here he recounts his battles with the Samurai Rangers. The other Nighloks for some reason get along with him well despite what Octoroo said in his debut. He gets scared at the sight of the Red Ranger pumpkin that Dreadhead used. When the party is over, Robtish tells Rofer that next year they should not talk about the Rangers before leaving. Party Monsters


Robtish was fierce, brutal and ruthless Nighlok, who won't stop at nothing to destroy the Power Rangers and especially Jayden. However he also has a comedic side, mostly due to his scottish accent.

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength:In terms of pure physical strength, Robtish is the second strongest Nighlock in Samurai (with only Arachnitor beating him). Single slashes of his sword took down Rangers and he could knock Jayden down with one kick.
  • Durability:Robtish has extremely tough armour to protect him, letting him shrug off several hits from the Spin Swords without reacting at all.
  • Weapon Master:Robtish is an absolute master of his sword, taking on all five Rangers and even Deker effortlessely.


  • Sword:Robtish wields a massive sword in battle.
    • Double Slash:Robtish's signature attack. Robtish would fire a blue energy field from the "eyes" on either side of his head, holding the enemy in place. He would then charge up his sword with white energy and triple energy slash into the field. This was more than enough to take down, demorph, and severly injure all five Rangers. The only way that this was defeated was by four Rangers stopping it with their Spin Swords and Jayden destroying him with the Five Disk Tiger Cannon before he could react.

Behind The Scenes


  • Robtish is voiced by Peter Daube who, contrary to Robitsh's accent, is American and not Scottish.
    • Robtish's voice, albeit without its heavy Scottish brogue, would later be used for future roles from Daube such as Stingrage and Boxertron.


  • Robtish is the second villain with a Scottish accent, the first being Klank from Power Rangers Zeo and also the first organic villain to have one (since Klank was an alien robot).
  • Robtish is one of the strongest Nighloks in the series as he was able to best all five Samurai Rangers and overpower Jayden. He would've been able to defeat them for good had Deker not intervened.
  • Alongside Arachnitor and Rhinosnorus, He appears in the most episodes as a MOTW, appearing in 3 episodes.


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