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BM RobotronMaker

The Robotron-Maker.

The Robotron-Maker is a laptop-like device created by Scrozzle and used by Evox's minions to create Robotrons. The Robotron-Maker is powered by Morph X and can upload a portion of Evox's virus into a key, which can, in turn, be used to transform ordinary objects into Robotrons.Evox's Revenge


Scrozzle, Blaze, and Roxy all use the Robotron-Maker at various times to create Robotrons. In one instance, Devon smashed the Robotron-Maker before Blaze could create a Robotron. Scrozzle later repaired it using a special computer program. Tools of the Betrayed

Scrozzle later modified the Robotron-Maker to control the Memory Pulsator. Rewriting History

Powers and abilities

  • Robotron creation: The Robotron-Maker uploads a portion of the Evox virus into a key, which is then used to create a Robotron from an ordinary object.
  • Memory Pulsator control: The Robotron-Maker can be used to control the Memory Pulsator.


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