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Robotpalooza is the twenty-eighth episode of Power Rangers S.P.D.. It features the debut of the S.W.A.T. Megazord.


The Rangers nearly reach their breaking point when both Gruumm and Broodwing send robot after robot to attack the city. Meanwhile, Bridge can't seem to stay awake due to psychic dreams of a battle that hasn't happened yet.


Bridge is having a dream in which the Rangers in their zords are battling three giant robots. In the dream, Omega Ranger tells the robots: S.P.D., we order you to halt. Kat contacts the cadets and tells them there is a robot attacking. Bridge and the rest of the cadets suit up and in their zord battle the robot. After defeating the robot, they return to headquarters. In the rec room, Bridge asks Jack if he finds it odd that he had a dream about three robots and then they battle a robot. Jack points out that they work for S.P.D., that's what they do. The alarm goes off and the cadets go back into action.

The Rangers entered their runners and form the Megazord. They battle one-eye and quickly contain him. The Rangers return to headquarters. Bridge is asleep in the command center as the other cadets wait for the arrival of Commander Cruger and Kat. Commander Cruger and Kat enter and Commander Cruger is not happy to see Bridge asleep. Commander Cruger hollers at Bridge, who wakes up and wants to know how fighting two robots makes Bridge tired, when the rest of the cadets are not. Bridge tells Commander Cruger he has fought five. Commander Cruger is puzzled and Bridge tells him he has been dream fighting and gives details about what the three robots look like. Kat tells the group that they just received a report of three robots matching Bridge's description conquering the Alpha 5 star system. The alarms go off and the cadets wearily suit up and go into battle. They battle an alien until the alien jumps into a giant robot. The zords are sent and the Rangers battle once again in their zord. It is another victory for the Rangers. The Rangers return to headquarters. In his quarters, Bridge is fast asleep and dreams about the battle with the three robots and this time there are three criminals. Bridge wakes up and starts to leave. Sky asks him where he is going and Bridge tells him he doesn't know. Sky reports to Commander Cruger that he believes that Bridge has had another dream and has left. Commander Cruger has Kat search for him - it is dangerous for one Ranger to be on his own.

Bridge leaves S.P.D. and finds the three criminals he saw in his dream. Bridge suits up and battles the three criminals. Green Ranger is doing well, until Broodwing sends in several Blueheads and Orangeheads. While Green Ranger battles the Blueheads and Orangeheads, the three criminals make their escape. The rest of the Rangers appear to help Green Ranger. Green Ranger asks Omega Ranger if he can go after the three criminals while the rest of the Rangers battle the Blueheads and Orangeheads. Omega Ranger takes off after the three criminals. The Rangers defeat the Blueheads and Orangeheads. Kat sends the Rangers their new S.W.A.T. flyers which form the S.W.A.T. Megazord. The Rangers battle the three robots and quickly defeat two of them. The battle continues with the last robot in outer space. The Rangers defeat the final robot. In the command center, Kat comments to Commander Cruger that it has been quite a day. Commander Cruger is concerned that Gruumm will not stop until he gets what he wants.



  • The S.W.A.T. Megazord's cockpit in original footage is missing the S.P.D. emblem and has the restraint much higher.
    • The footage would be replayed in future episodes, although a more screen-accurate version of the cockpit would later appear in "Impact".
  • Sky told the other Rangers to follow him despite them being in the same Megazord.
  • Despite saying six robots, One Eye is not a robot.
  • In the DVD releases, scenes usually take place after a commercial break (which is of course cut) but for some reason, scenes take place way before it even occurs.


  • Kat mentions that the robots Bridge envisioned had destroyed the Alpha Five star system, possibly a nod to Alpha 5.
  • The robot that Delapoo pilots is the same one that was used by Mysticon in "Zapped".
  • This marks the first time since the Power Rangers Turbo episode: The Robot Ranger that a villain has decided to send more than one monster to attack in the same day. Unlike other times, Gruumm kept sending them instead of giving up after two defeats; Broodwing also took advantage of it, hoping to outnumber the exhausted Rangers.
  • This is the fourth Disney-era episode to use the giant mecha footage from more than 1 episode of its Super Sentai counterpart, the first 3 being Part III of Ninja Storm's The Samurai's Journey, Dino Thunder's In Your Dreams. And S.P.D's Dismissed.
    • This episode breaks a record: this episode used the mecha footage from 4 episodes from Dekaranger while the 3 preceding episodes used less both the Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder episodes used 3 episodes worth of Hurricanger's and Abaranger's episodes respectively and Dismissed used 2 episodes worth of Dekaranger's episodes.

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