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Morgana's Cockpit


The Robot of Destruction was likely built as one of Broodwing's Robots although this is never explicitly mentioned.


After Shorty easily took down the Rangers, Morgana arrived in the Robot of Destruction to set up an end-of-the-world scenario. Kat deployed the Delta Runners but, before the Rangers could stop the Robot of Destruction, it unleashed a strange device (later revealed to be a doomsday weapon) into the street. Moments later, the Delta Squad Megazord hid behind a building and was going to attempt a stealth attack but Z (holding a personal grudge against Morgana due to a brawl that they had earlier) forced the Megazord to attack. She fired on the doomsday device but had literally no effect so leapt into the air and performed the Delta Strike but it was blocked by the Robot of Destruction who flew it down. Shorty returned (having fled after the Robot arrived) and deposited a giant grey ball into the doomsday weapon. The Megazord then tried to advance and destroy the weapon but the Robot stopped them and knocked around the Megazord. Luckily, before Shorty could detonate the doomsday device, the Shadow Ranger arrived and knocked it away from him. However, with the Rangers distracted by the fighting, the Robot of Destruction dove forwards and took out the Megazord's legs. This ejected and demorphed the Rangers and Morgana leapt from her Robot which apparently left off-screen.

Later on, Devastation had been killed by the Omega Ranger's Omega Punch but resurrected himself to summoned the Robot of Destruction to try and get away. The Rangers then called for the Delta Runners and Omegamax Cycle to go after the Robot of Destruction at which point the Delta Squad Megazord mounted the Omegamax Cycle for an increase in speed. Realizing that they wouldn't stop unless he made them stop, Devastation blasted down some buildings along the road, leaving just a hole in the middle which he fired through. However, this had no effect on the two robots who came sideways through it and raised up in a wheelie and blasted the Robot. The two then charged right at one another but the Omegamax Cycle and Delta Squad Megazord combined their powers, allowing the Delta Blaster to destroy the Robot of Destruction and contain Devastation in the process. Messenger

After being defeated in his Devastation form, Slate decided to go for his Plan B and activated a second version of the Robot of Destruction. The Delta Squad Megazord was deployed and, despite Slate claiming that he'd never go to jail, his lunge was blocked by the Delta Megazord who flipped it to the floor. It then pinned his arm and leg in such a way that his systems were completely overloaded. With the Robot of Destruction useless, Z judged him and found him guilty of assault and identity theft before they charged up the Delta Blaster and destroyed the second and final Robot of Destruction. Although Slate survived, he was eventually brought in by Jack with his S.P.D. Battlizer. Reflection

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: The Robot of Destruction is very strong as it was able to block the Delta Sword with no trouble and later knock it away with no troubles after blocking the Megazord from advancing on the robot which had just been loaded.
  • Durability: Multiple hits with the Delta Blaster had left no damage had visible effect on it.
  • Flight: The Robot of Destruction can fly using jet thrusters under its feet. This was only shown when it first arrived in New Tech City.
  • Energy Projection: The Robot of Destruction can fire lasers from the circles on either shoulder. These were powerful enough to cause buildings to crash down and create a blockade for the Omegamax Cycle-riding Delta Squad Megazord.
    • Doomsday Device Projection: The Robot of Destruction can also fire green lasers from its shoulder circles which form a doomsday device
  • Thrusters: The Robot of Destruction can open the panels on its back to reveal thrusters which can glow with orange energy to push it forward fast enough to outrun the Omegamax Cycle.


  • Fists: Unlike most of Broodwing's robots, this one does not have weapons but large fists capable of blocking the Delta Sword.
    • Spikes: On the back of the Robot of Destruction's wrists are small silver spikes that were able to block a slash from the Delta Sword.
    • Doomsday Device Projection: The Robot of Destruction can fire a beam from either shoulder disk to create what is effectively a doomsday device.


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