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"I am Robogoat, ready to butt heads with the Power Rangers!"
―The Robogoat's first words upon being created.[src]

"Yes. I will smash the powers of each Ranger, starting with you Green Ranger!"
―The Robogoat upon being given the Sword of Power.[src]

"Weeelcome Rangers. Ready for your destruction? You Rangers are finished! Let the gameees begin!"
―The Robogoat when confronted by the Power Rangers.[src]

"Impossible! Where is the Sword?"
―The Robogoat after Jason had the Sword of Power teleported back to the Command Center and replaced it with a fake.[src]

"Ahhhh! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
―The Robogoat upon being enlarged.[src]

"Ha ha ha ha ha h-huh? Uh oh! You don't scare me!"
―The Robogoat reacting to the Thunder Megazord charging up the Thunder Saber and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Robogoat was a mythical cyborg goat monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "The Green Dream".


Creation of Robogoat

Robogoat was created by Lord Zedd from an anthropomorphic goat illustration in Tommy's "Myths and Legends" book. This came after he brainwashed Tommy to work for Zedd when Goldar found the book and thought that it looked impressive. The Robogoat was assigned the mission of wielding the Sword of Power to steal the powers of the Power Rangers and thus leave the Earth completely open to attack. He was then sent to Angel Grove to force the Rangers' hand which allowed Tommy to steal the Sword of Power. In spite of this, he apparently immediately teleported back to the Dark Dimension to be handed the Sword by Tommy right which apparently powered up the monster. However, it also instantly ended Tommy's brainwashing which meant the Power Rangers could fight to get it back without fear of Tommy attacking them. Robogoat revealed that he planned on destroying the Rangers' powers with the Sword of Power so Tommy tries to grab him only for the monster to teleport to Angel Grove Quarry instead.

Tommy morphed to stop him, somehow deducing that he had gone to the quarry where he found the Sword of Power only to be forced to roll away by a surprise energy attack by the Robogoat. In battle, the Robogoat initially wielded a giant red and black metal rod he dubbed the "Rod of Destruction" which he was an absolute master of using. He fought Tommy and the Dragon Dagger, initially being overpowered when two jabs from the Rod of Destruction were deflected and Tommy forced a blade lock. However, he shoved away the Dragon Dagger and jabbed him twice in the gut before stabbing him away at which point the Robogoat tried to smack his head off. Luckily, Tommy recovered quickly and flipped over the monster before the hit could land, ending up next to the Sword of Power which he drew from the ground just for it to turn into a stick as it was a fake. The Robogoat jumped at the very surprised Tommy and jabbed him off the hill before taking the Sword of Power and going back on the offensive by jump slashing him off of a cliff. Although Tommy attempted to rejoin the fight but his powers were weakening drastically after that beating which took him out of commission for the rest of the battle.

Realizing that Tommy was in trouble, the other Rangers then arrived but Robogoat cut them off before they could aid him. He then charged lightning into the Sword of Power and blasted down the Rangers with their own weapon before he decided that he should destroy the Rangers one by one so stabbed the Sword of Power into the ground. The stab created a chasm which trapped four of the remaining Rangers in the ground when they fell into it which turned them to energy bubbles contained in his golden chest. However. Jason had rolled away from it like the Robogoat intended and thus he drew the Power Sword and they did battle. Robogoat was initially only able to barely match Jason move for move, being overwhelmed by a swing kick to the face and when Jason went on the attack, but a strike from the pommel to the helmet let him go on the offensive himself. Although Jason managed to put up quite a fight, managing to deflect all of the slashes, Robogoat was able to ram him down using his horns. However, when Robogoat tried to finish him off, Jason blocked and forced Robogoat into a blade lock. After declaring that Robogoat would never win, he slashed along the Sword of Power's length before knocking it into the air. He then caught it mid-landing and replaced it with a fake as happened with Tommy before, explaining to the confused Robogoat that Zordon teleported it back to the Command Center. He then demanded his friends back but, even without the Sword of Power, Robogoat retained the Rod of Destruction for combat and went to get revenge. However, Jason proceeded to deliver a thorough beating, freeing the other Rangers by slashing him straight across the chest which left Robogoat writhing on the ground.

With Robogoat completely open to the Power Blaster, Lord Zedd was forced to throw a Growth Bomb to make him grow. The Rangers summoned the Thunderzords and formed the Thunder Megazord which Robogoat charged at and smacked him back with a swing of the Rod of Destruction. However, they used the Power Punch to knock him back before drawing the Thunder Saber and advancing. Robogoat arrogantly claimed that this still would not be an equalizer only for them to cleave straight through his weapon which fell apart in two pieces. Enraged, he blasted the Thunder Megazord so hard that it was completely stunned. Tommy saw this and tried to summon the Dragonzord but he was too weak to the point that it could not even leave the ocean. He blasted it three more times, finally taking it down and disabling all of its controls before charging to finish it off. Thankfully, the Rangers managed to bring the Thunder Megazord back online using the directional controls and pulled out the Thunder Saber. Robogoat stopped charging at them when he saw them charging up the Thunder Saber just to claim that this would not do him in. However, it destroyed him anyway with Robogoat spinning around whilst yelling before falling onto his back and exploding. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Green Dream

Robogoat was resurrected as one of the monsters in Doomstone's Haunted Forest to help him destroy Tommy and make the Power Rangers much weaker. After Goldar kidnapped Tommy, Doomstone revealed himself and the resurrected Pumpkin Rapper and Robogoat who grabbed his arms when he tried to morph and they snatched away his Morpher. However, Tommy easily kicked both monsters down as well as Doomstone before running whilst the trio pursued him so he ran forth and kicked them both just to get grabbed by Robogoat so that the Pumpkin Rapper could kick him. However, he was unfazed and pulled out Robogoat's leg from under him before running up the trunk of a tree and back-flipping off just to kick them down though Doomstone then threw him away through the air. Billy and Kimberly quickly arrived to help Tommy. With Jason, Zack and Trini off babysitting other children, they were on their own until they could drop off their kids at the Youth Center so that Alpha could notify them of the problem. Robogoat fought Kimberly but she flipped multiple times and he did not get up again to attack afterwards. He was passed over for a second chance at a Zord fight with the Pumpkin Rapper being enlarged instead due to being the only one there that was not utterly useless. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Zedd's Monster Mash

Robogoat returned as one of the monsters fighting the captive Power Rangers in the Specter Theater for Rita and Zedd's wedding. Robogoat briefly left the Theater to attend the wedding of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, but he went back to unsuccessfully try to recapture the Rangers when they escaped. Robogoat was one of the six monsters to grow large where he met his end by the White Tigerzord's fire blasts. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wedding

Robogoat was among the monsters that attended Master Vile's End of the World party. Since he was never seen again, he presumably settled down peacefully. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Master Vile and the Metallic Armor


Robogoat was a manipulative and intelligent monster who was a skilled fighter in battle and was cunning strategist, as he tried to destroy the Rangers with their own weapon and nearly won. However he, like many other monsters, underestimated the Rangers and was defeated.

Powers and Abilities


  • Electromagnetic/Sonic Distortion: As mentioned by Alpha, the Robogoat could disrupt electromagnetic and sonic waves although what this would achieve is unclear.
  • Unseen Attack: When Tommy ran for the Sword of Power, large explosions made him dive away and we immediately saw it was Robogoat that fired. It remains unclear whether this was his normal energy blasts or a different attack but it is likely to be a different one as we did not see any lightning.
  • Lightning Blasts: The Robogoat could fire blue lightning from his right trotter and yellow lightning from his left. These blasts were his strongest attack as it easily knocked down and disabled the Thunder Megazord in three blasts.
    • Lightning Empowerment: Robogoat could also channel this energy into the Sword of Power to unleash a devastating energy blast.
  • Capture Balls: Robogoat can capture anyone who he trapped using his chasm strike inside of his amber chest plate. The only way to retrieve them was by a combined strike on it that split it open.


  • Strength: Robogoat was able to block a downward slash with no trouble using his Rod of Destruction and a single jab to Tommy's chest knocked him down. When giant, a single swing of his Rod of Destruction knocked the Thunder Megazord back.
  • Durability: A big slash across Robogoat's chest by Jason's Power Sword had no effect and a swing kick did even less. and it took three swing kicks to down him. 
  • Skilled Fighter: Robogoat was powerful enough to easily overwhelm Jason and Tommy in blade to blade combat. He was even able to force Jason on the defensive and knock him down with three precise moves.


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  • The Rod of Destruction: Robogoat had a large red rod that he can use in combat. This was his primary weapon before he gained the Sword of Power as well as his sole weapon after it was taken off of him.
  • The Sword of Power: Robogoat temporarily used the Sword of Power after Tommy retrieved it for him.
    • Lightning Blasts: When charged up with Robogoat's lightning, it fired yellow lightning from the flat side of the blade. These were strong enough to blast down the whole team.
    • Chasm Creation: Robogoat could stab the sword into the ground to send a spark burst along the ground to create a chasm that captured the other four Rangers for him (as Jason had dove away).
  • Horns: Robogoat has massive curved black horns on top of his head that he could use to headbutt his enemies. A single headbutt knocked Jason to the ground.

Behind the Scenes


  • Robogoat was voiced by Steve Kramer who often drew out many of his sentences to emulate a goat baaing.


  • He is based on a goat and, possibly, a ram.


  • His name is a portmanteau of "robot" and "goat".