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"Time to search for my first victim. I can't believe my eyes. What a gorgeous man. I think I'm in love. Oh, Klanky."
―Robocupid's first words[src]

""Now I'll give you Rangers a real crush!""
―Robocupid after getting enlarged[src]

Robocupid was a camera based monster of the Machine Empire who serves as the main antagonist of the first two parts of the three part episode "There's No Business Like Snow Business".


Robocupid was part of a two part attack strategy conceived by Queen Machina to take over Angel Grove whilst two of the Zeo Rangers and Billy were skiing in the mountains. She was a female love robot that specialized in the power to make humans develop obsessive attractions to nearby mechanical appliances. The plan was for Robocupid to make the citizens of Angel Grove fall in love with thier machines to both leave them helpless against an invasion and easier to control.

She accompanied Klank and Orbus into the city where she infected many people with her love based abilities, such as making Ernie fall in love with a blender and Lt. Stone fall in love with an arcade machine. Even Robocupid is affected by her own powers, as one of her beams reflects back at her when she accidentally hits a mirror which reflects it back at her and becomes attracted to Klank.

Eventually however, Zordon let the Rangers know what happened but, due to Heather falling off of a cliff and Tommy, Kat and the others being needed to rescue her, Adam was the only one able to respond to the call and confronted Robocupid in a factory. Cogs quickly arrived but he fought them off before personally taking on Robocupid but was too strong although he did manage to turn the tides with his Zeo IV Power Punch and a double energy slash from his Power Hatchets.

Once Heather was saved and the Rangers managed to get away from Heather and her entourage, they responded as well but Robocupid still proved to be too strong so they summoned the Defender Wheel which took her out. However, Klank and Orbus were nearby and made her grow so the Rangers summoned the Zeo Zords and formed the Zeo Megazord. Although she initially had the upper hand with various projectile attack and an eye blast, Adam turned the tide by summoning the Zeo IV Battle Helmet which rammed her back and then blasted her with lightning that knocked her back. Tommy then summoned the Zeo V Battle Helmet and took out Robocupid for good with the Zeo Megazord Saber. With Robocupid gone, her spell was broken and Angel Grove returned to normal. Tvicon.png TV STORY-There's No Business Like Snow Business

Robocupid reappeared in Adam's dream. Tvicon.png TV STORY-It Came From Angel Grove


Robocupid was a a love obssessed monster who took much glee in playing with the emotion of love. Once she brainwashed herself, she also showed a deeply affectionate and obsessive side and was willing to do anything to please Klank.

Powers and abilities


  • Energy Blasts: On Robocupid's right arm is a large, black blaster which can fire blue energy blasts strong enough to knock down all five Rangers with one blast.
  • Spiked Projectiles: From the same blaster, Robocupid can fire large red spear-like projectiles from her blaster which she only did whilst small sized.
  • Love Blast: Robocupid can fire a purple heart out of her single red eye that, when it makes contact with a human, will immediately make them fall in love with the first electronic piece of equipment that they see. Even Robocupid herself is not immune to this attack.
  • Eye Blast: When enlarged, Robocupid was able to fire a large blue energy blast out of her eye which appears to be an upgraded version of her love blast but works as an offensive attack.


  • Strength: Robocupid was able to pick up and throw Adam like he was nothing.
  • Durability: Robocupid shrugged off the Zeo IV Power Punch and Zeo Power Hatchet finishing attack like they were nothing.
  • Balance: Robocupid was rammed full force by the Zeo IV Battle Helmet hard enough to stumble away but managed to regain her footing.


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  • Fists: Aside from her afore-mentioned wrist mounted blaster, Robocupid has no weapons but is a skilled fighter nonetheless.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Robocupid was deeply admired by Queen Machina, due to her manipulative abilities. Ironically, both Robocupid and Queen Machina were voiced by Alex Borstein.
  • Like fellow monster Somnibot, Robocupid has two red "head spikes" on the side of her head, whose use is unknown.
  • In Ohranger, her counterpart was male. The character's gender was most likely ordered to be changed due to certain concerns that parents had at the time with the controversy of addressing homosexuality on a children's program.


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