This article is about a/an set of foot soldiers in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.
For the benevolent robotic Rangers from Power Rangers Turbo, see Robot Rangers.
For the summoned enemies from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, see Ranger Key Clones.
"Welcome, ninjas. Meet my Robo-Ranger Army."
―Lord Draven[src]
Drayvon army

Draven leading the Ranger Clone army.


The Robo Rangers' exo-skeleton created by Madame Odius.

The Robo Rangers, or Ranger Clones[1], are an army, numbering in the hundreds, of fake Rangers led by Lord Draven. They are composed of several types, each one derived from an individual Power Ranger and numbering in the dozens alone. Dimensions in Danger



  • All of the Ranger Clones having black gloves and boots are very similar to the also robotic Cyborg Rangers from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.
    • Much like the Cyborg Rangers, the Robo Rangers are also an American exclusive.
  • They all have black spike shoulder pads which shows that they are Draven’s Clones.
    • Due to needing to put the shoulder pads on, the White Dino Ranger robots are missing the shield from the original costumes.
  • A Red Robo Ranger called "Evil Red Ranger" was released by Bandai America as part of the Super Ninja Steel toyline. This surprised many as they were not previously announced and came after Hasbro announcements.

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