This article is about a/an zord in Power Rangers Turbo, the third installment in the Zordon Era .

"Robo Racer, Online!"
―Blue Senturion[src]

"Robo Racer, Battle Mode!"
―Blue Senturion[src]

The Robo Racer is the Megazord-like robot of the Blue Senturion in Power Rangers Turbo.


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Robo Racer Battle Mode

When the Blue Senturion came to Earth to aid the Power Rangers, he brought his own Zord, the Robo Racer. It has two modes: a giant police car and a humanoid Battle Mode. It is equipped with police themed weapons, such as giant handcuffs, a riotshield and a Synergizer Blaster. This weapon would be used in it's finisher where it would rapid fire yellow energy balls to obliterate monsters.

Appearances: Turbo Episodes

Evil Robo Racer



  • The Robo Racer was taken to Eltar by the Blue Senturion, and it is unknown what became of it.
  • The Robo Racer is the first Megazord where its weapons are attached to its arms.
  • The Robo Racer is the first Megazord where it has a form that shows it has turned evil.


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