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Power Rangers Megaforce - Robo Knight Morph

Power Rangers Megaforce - Robo Knight Morph

"Change Card, Activate!"
―Morphing call[src]

The Robo Morpher is Robo Knight's transformation device that first appeared in Episode 8 of Power Rangers Megaforce. This transformation device has a keypad so Robo Knight can perform various abilities by pressing a 3-digit number combination, then press the red "Enter" button, call out "Activate!" and close up the Robo Morpher. The Robo Morpher is voiced by Geoff Dolan, who voices the Megaforce team's Mentor Gosei and the Megaforce team's morpher, the Gosei Morpher. Here are the cards that can be inserted and the 3-digit number code in order to activate.


  • Robo Knight Morph "Gosei Knight Change" Card: Transforms Lion Mechazord into Robo Knight - 535
  • "Vulcan Headder" Card: Summons the Vulcan Cannon - 818
  • "Knight Dynamic" Card: Placed in Dynamic Robo Morpher to execute Knight Dynamic Finisher - 474
  • Lion Zord Morph "Groundion Headder Change" Card: Transforms Robo Knight into Lion Zord/Mechazord - 717
  • "Knight Brother Headder" Card: Summons the Knight Brothers Zords - 262
  • "Gosei Ground Combine" Card: Combines Lion Mechazord and the Knight Brothers into Gosei Ground Megazord - 353
  • "Ground Gosei Great Combine" Card: Combines Gosei Great Megazord and Gosei Ground Megazord into Gosei Great Grand Megazord - 525
  • "Victory Charge" Card: Allows Gosei Ground Megazord or Gosei Great Grand Megazord to unleash it's finishing attack - 919
  • Elemental attack cards - 202
    • Rockrush: Summons giant rocks.
    • Twistornado: Summons a large transparent whirlwind.
  • Thunder element cards - 303
    • Lightning Strike "Comprethunder": Summons a storm cloud that launches lightning bolts.
  • Sea elemental cards - 404
    • Seashower "Presshower": Summons several jets of water.
    • Istop: Blasts out a cone of frost that freezes anything in its path.
    • Freezestorm "Freezedrive": Blasts out a cone of frost with a whirlwind that freeze-dries anything in its path.
  • Perception-affecting cards - 505
    • Trianglobal: Merges the energies of the Sky, Land, and Sea Powers. It's effects can be duplicated through the simultaneous use of the Twistornado, Sparquake, and Presshower cards.
  • Enhancement cards - 606
    • Knight Fender "Roplant": Produces an ivy from the ground that ensnares a target.
  • Spell cards - 707
    • Defenstorm: Summons a wall of wind.
    • Defenstream: Summons a wall of water.

Morphing Sequence

The cellular phone has a slot to insert the cards and cause power ups to the Robo Knight. The morph call is "Change Card Activate" and the morpher will say Robo Knight Morph when morphing into Robo Knight and Lion Zord Morph when morphing into Lion Zord.

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