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Robo Knight's Rap

In the eighteenth episode of Power Rangers Megaforce, while visiting the Harwood County Library, Robo Knight meets a young boy named Todd who teaches him about music, specifically the rap and hip-hop genres. Later when Robo Knight meets with the Mega Rangers he shares with them a rap recollecting his experience that day.


Power Rangers Megaforce - The Human Condition - Robo Knight's Rap (HD)

Power Rangers Megaforce - The Human Condition - Robo Knight's Rap (HD)

Robo Knight shares his new beat with his friends.

I had a lot of questions about human emotion

They were vexing me, hexing me, like some sorcerer's potion

So I followed the advice of my good friend Noah and to the city library this robot did-a go-a

I found books galore of every shape and size on a variety of topics, but what opened the eyes of

Robo Knight

Robo Knight

The very most by far was some knowledge there dropped by my little homey Todd

Who turned me on to hip-hop


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