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Character History

A monster created by Mazenda using blueprints from Tetsuya's Techan Robo (originally Tetsuya in a robot suit made to befriend a boy named Kazuo) in a plan to kill Liveman. This monster is sent to kill Tetsuya and pose as Techan Robo, luring the Liveman to a trap to kill them but they manage to survive and battle Robo Zuno until Tetsuya in his Techan Robo suit who survived thanks to Kazuo's medal, decides to fight it personally. After revealing its true form and battle Techan Robo, this monster is defeated by Black Bison and then blasted by the Bimotion Buster. After being reformed giant by Gash this was the first monster destroyed by the Super Live Robo.

31. Robo Brain01

Robo Zuno as Techan Robo

31. Robo Brain03

Robo Zuno's true form



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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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