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This article is about a/an villain in the Power Rangers comic sub-franchise by Boom! Studios.
For the original TV version of this character, see Rita Repulsa.
"My name is Rita Repulsa... and you have all made a terrible mistake."
―Rita "introduces" herself to the Power Rangers after meeting them face to face for the first time in her palace[src]

Rita Repulsa is an evil witch from space who threatens the Earth, leading her old enemy Zordon to assemble the Power Rangers to stop her.

Character History

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After the Black Dragon arc, Rita is oddly absent from the story as she goes to search for the Wizard of Deception to craft her the Power Draining Candle.


  • In Issue #7, Rita clearly makes reference to some kind of history with Alpha when she speaks to him briefly, stating that he could have been better off serving her than Zordon.