World of the Coinless
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―Rita Repulsa's final words before her death.[src]

"So close. But you know what they saw Trini... You can't outrun death. Welcome home Power Rangers."
―Rita revealing herself to Zack and Trini as the leader of the undead hordes.[src]

"Go home Powerless Rangers. Now that my powers are FULLY restored, I'll destroy Drakkon's Empire for you. Just as I promised Trini...and then I'll REMAKE this pitiful broken little world in my image!"
―Rita revealing her new plan after Goldar destroyed the Gravezord.

"But you were... No... No... Nooooooooooo"
―Rita's final words before disappearing forever.

This version of Rita Repulsa was an evil space with who threatened the Earth. She initially followed her counterpart's original timeline until the Green Ranger still choose the side of evil.

Character History

Rita Repulsa appeared to Tommy Oliver after her universe's version of "Green With Evil" except in this version, he rejected the chance to join the Power Rangers and left to do some soul searching. She tried to sway him back to her side by saying she is trying to change the world and gave him great gift: the power to shape the world. She had noticed that the teleports he traveled on are the places his family had moved to and followed the trail. Tommy refuses to be involved and wants to be left alone. Rita thinks this is pathetic as he is wasting his talents and simply wanted to give Tommy a "push" to truly live up to his potential. She speaks of a great warrior whom she shaped into a mighty conqueror who "brought peace" to the Toki system during her war with Zordon: Drakkon. Adding to her case is the fact that if he was a great Ranger, Zordon did not choose Tommy but chose the others instead. She believes that the reason the world is messed up is because it is divided by multiple leaders and champions such as the Power Rangers, it needs but one leader to bring order. Tommy seems more interested, asking her to tell her more about Drakkon and even thinking about adopting that name. Rita agrees to show him more and they teleport away. Jason and Zack teleport and just miss Tommy, worried as they have to find him before Rita does. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2017 Annual

After the fall of the Command Center, the deaths of Jason and Zordon, and Tommy's transformation into Lord Drakkon, she notices something is wrong with him. He tells her that he realizes that Zordon recruited the Rangers not only for their hope and inspiration, but also for their naivety and controllability. He believes that children will eventually realize their parents are holding them back and seek to cut loose from them. To that end, Drakkon stabs Rita in the chest with the Dragon Dagger, killing her while vowing to continue her work. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) FCBD 2018 Special

A few months after the disappearance of Lord Drakkon (who had gone over to the main comics universe), the World of the Coinless was in turmoil. With Drakkon apparently dead, everyone from Lord Zedd to Scorpina had been trying to take over the Earth. In the remains of the Command Center, Trini resurrected Rita as a ghost to try and defend Earth from the invaders. At first, she was amiable and hid them from detection but quickly turned on them and started resurrecting an army of the dead to invade and take over the world. She would then remake the planet in her image and create a new Earth under her control. The Coinless eventually tracked her undead minions back to the Command Center and mounted an assault with the aid of the Ranger Slayer and the Gravezord, Zack and Trini entering the former base alone with Rita subsequently confronting them. Zack and Trini tried to flee but she cut them off from thier support so Zack tired to energy slash Rita to death but this failed since she was a ghost. She then referenced her version of Issue 5 where she tried and failed to convince Zack to become her new Green Ranger which led her to recruit Tommy and eventually her death. SHe then threw him down, revealed that Trini was why she had returned from the dead, and declared that she would not hurt them because it would "ruin all the fun." She then turned to where the Gravezord was making mincemeat out of the undead and enlarged a resserected Goldar who tore apart and destroyed Kimberly's Zord although her and Bulk managed to escape from it in the Firebird Thunderzord. Zack and Trini were shocked but she let them go, convinced that they would no longer pose a threat to her as she prepared for the final attack.

Before she arrived, the Ranger Slayer went to Scorpina and the Ranger Sentries, forcing her to realise that they may be enemies but Rita was in fact thier worse and common enemy. Scorpina was forced to comply when the Ranger Sentries agreed to aid her. The next day, Rita came to Angel Grove and ordered Goldar to attack and ordered the attack to commence. Whilst the majority of the forces clashed in the remains of Angel Grove, Scorpina and Trini confronted Rita but were forced apart by an energy blast between them. Rita then openly mocked Scorpina for associating with a Power Ranger and fired on her only for Trini to seemingly sacrifice her life by getting in the way of the blast. Enraged, Scorpina leapt at Rita but was backhanded so hard that she went flying back into the ground. As per usual, Rita gloated about her apparent ultimate victory, stating that they could have been incredible had they teamed-up only for Scorpina to reveal that she had just been distracting Rita. Trini had survived and come up behind Rita, stabbing Rita's wand with a spear which sucked Rita back to the underworld once and for all.


Prior to her return, Rita was martyred by Drakkon and used her as propaganda to turn the world against the Power Rangers, forcing The Coinless to go underground as a resistance group. After her return and subsequent defeat, the Ranger Sentries made Scorpina realise that they needed a new emperor in Drakkon's absence so made Kimberly the new empress of Earth.

Her spirit would be summoned by Trini Kwan to use her magic to block The Coinless’ location from Lord Drakkon’s scanners. Rita would gain enough power to gain a corporeal and create a Zombie Army made from fallen Ranger Sentries. After a battle with the combined forces of The Coinless & Scorpina, Rita Repulsa is destroyed when Trini destroys her magic wand.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: When undead, Rita was able to pick Zack up by the neck with one hand as well as slap Scorpina hard enough to send her plummeting to the ground.
  • Invulnerability: As a ghost, Rita was unable to be killed by any conventional means.
  • Monster Enlargement: Rita can chant "magic wand, make my monster grow", Rita can make her minions grow. However, unlike her other counterparts, she does not appear to throw her wand to accomplish this.


  • Magic Wand: Both before and after her death, Rita's main weapon was a large wand identical to her other counterparts.
    • Energy Blast: Rita can fire a massive green energy blast from her wand which killed Aisha with one hit.


  • Rita's wand is her only connection to the real world since that was how she was resurrected by Trini. If it is destroyed, she will be forced to return to the afterlife.


  • Unlike the main timeline Rita from the comics or TV series, this version made a fatal mistake since she coaxed Tommy back into her ranks after he broke free of her spell. Due to her influence, he ultimately became a more evil and competent villain than Rita and ultimately slayed her after the fall of the Power Rangers since she had fulfilled her purpose.
  • In this version, Rita being a nemesis to Trini mirrors their 2017 movie counterparts, consider that 2017 movie Rita killed the Cenozoic era Yellow Ranger.


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