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"I've killed a Yellow Ranger before."
―Rita to Trini[src]

Rita Repulsa is a villain that has time and time and time again fought against the Power Rangers. She was the Green Ranger in Zordon's team and continues to use the Green Ranger powers in conjunction with her own. [1]

Character History


Rita Repulsa

In the Cenozoic Period of Earth, the Green Ranger, Rita Repulsa came to the planet to take the Zeo Crystal, a powerful artifact with which she could harness the power of life or death. However, its extraction would render all life on Earth extinct. Rita's plan was to create Goldar, a golden monster that could pull the Zeo Crystal from Earth's surface. Zordon's original team of Power Rangers stood against her, but they ultimately lost the fight, as Rita managed to kill all but Zordon himself. In a last-ditch effort to stop her, Zordon ordered Alpha 5 to redirect a meteor in her and Goldar's direction. The blast destroyed Goldar, Rita went into comatose with her body withering away at the bottom of the ocean, and rendered the dinosaurs extinct.

In present day, five of the Power Coins find new wielders, and as the Green Coin follows, it rises from the depths, clutched by Rita's desiccated body. Rita's body is fished out of the ocean. Out of water, she begins to revive and murders the boatmen who found her. Old and withered, she searches for gold to rejuvenate herself and restore her powers. She steals gold from anyone and anything she can find, often brutally murdering her victims and making news in Angel Grove. She is fully rejuvenated when she comes upon one of Angel Grove's jewelry stores.

She later invades the home of Trini Kwan, the Yellow Ranger and attempts to find out from her where the Zeo Crystal is. She discovers that while Trini does not have it, one of the other Rangers knows its location. She morphs into her battle-damaged Ranger costume to show Trini who she was and reveals she's killed the Yellow Ranger before her.

The Rangers meet her at the docks in an attempt to kill her, but lacking the ability to morph, she defeats the team handily, binding the Rangers in ropes. She threatens to kill Zack if Billy does not give up the location of the Crystal. Billy tells her. Realizing that Zordon would lose respect for her if she doesn't kill at least one of them, she kills Billy by dropping him in the water and strangling him.

Rita, with her gold manipulation powers restored goes to the mine where Goldar's been dispersed and begins to reform him. She also sends putties to where Zordon's command ship could be to distract the Power Rangers, only to be met with resistance. The Rangers battle Rita, her putties, and Goldar with their Zords. Kimberly destroys Goldar by launching the Triceratops Zord with Billy in it through Goldar. However, Rita only restores it. As Goldar seems to have the upper hand, the Rangers discover they could form the Megazord. The Megazord and Goldar battle, with Goldar losing. Rita is angered at the prospect of losing and Zordon judging her for her deeds and charges towards the Megazord, only to be met with a backhand slap from the giant robot, which sends her flying into the vacuum of space, with the power coin separating from her.

In space, near the moon, Rita smiles as she finally freezes in the vastness.


Rita believes she is a worthy Ranger. It is not revealed why she turned evil- only that Zordon and her were friends once. She has a sick sense of humor and frequently belittles the Rangers abilities. When she discovers that they are a real threat to her, she is furious. She also sees herself as an outsider in Zordon's Power Ranger team.

Rita Repulsa/Green Ranger


Damaged/corrupted armor


  • Staff: once completed allows her to reconstruct rocks and gold and make semi-sentient beings out of them.
  • Green Power Coin: gives super strength, allows access to morph into armor


Full armor


  • Staff: allows her to reconstruct rocks and gold and make semi-sentient beings out of them.
  • Green Power Coin: gives super strength, allows access to morph into armor, and presumably the Morphing Grid

  • Power Ranger Physiology: With her power coin, Rita has the following superpowers:
    • Super Strength: Rita has a considerable level of superhuman strength.
      • Super Leaps: Rita is able to use her superhuman strength to perform super jumps, shown when she leapt towards the Megazord.
    • Super Durability: Rita's body is superhumanly durable, to the point that she cannot be physically harmed by ordinary humans. She was relatively unharmed by an almost point blank shotgun blast, only knocked down for a few seconds.
    • Morphing: Rita is able to morph on her own, though it appears her morph no longer completes all the way.
  • Earth Manipulation: Rita is able to create golems from rocks and earth called Putties as an animate army.
    • Gold Manipulation: Rita can also create creatures and form and reform gold.
  • Skilled Combatant: As a Ranger herself, Rita is trained to do battle.
  • Revitalization: After millions of years as a desiccated husk, Rita was able to gain her strength back by consuming humans. She gained full strength and her powers as she consumed gold.

Behind the Scenes


  • Rita is portrayed by Elizabeth Banks.
  • Her suit actor is Sharon Simms, credited as "Green Ranger (prologue)"
  • Her character is changed from a witch leading a small alien army to an actual Power Ranger that defected and is now a great individual threat to the Rangers and the universe itself.


  • Rita's line in the trailer "I've killed Rangers before" was different in the film- "I've killed a Yellow Ranger before." as a personal threat to Trini.
  • Rita lifts a line straight from the TV show "Make my monster grow!"
  • In Krispy Kreme, Rita Repulsa hears Destiny's Child's "Survivor", which reflects her current state as a survivor of her war with Zordon.
  • Rita's association with ropes and gold recalls the design aesthetic of her original TV character design.
  • Her zord, though presumed to be the Dragonzord, is not revealed in the film. However, the Green Power Coin in close ups does have a Western Dragon etching.

See Also

  • Rita Repulsa - the basis of the character from the TV show
  • Witch Bandora - the character from which 'Rita Repulsa' was originally based.
  • Tommy Oliver - as terms of being the Green ranger.


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