This article is about a/an villain in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, existing in a different continuity than the TV series.
For the original TV version of this character, see Rita Repulsa.
For the 2017 movie version of this character, see Rita Repulsa (2017 movie).
"What? You spent 2,000 years looking for a tub of snot?!"
―Rita Repulsa[src]
"Go, Rangers!"
―Rita cheering on the Rangers[src]

Rita Repulsa is a villain that has time and again fought against the Power Rangers. Joining Lord Zedd along with their lackeys Goldar and Mordant in tow, they slipped into Earth when Lord Zedd realized that a Hyperlock Chamber had surfaced in Angel Grove. Despite her disgust and reservations, Zedd frees the prisoner, revealing him to be the legendary villain Ivan Ooze, whom she immediately takes a liking to, referring to him as a 'real man'.

However, when Ooze returns and it turns out he hadn't destroyed the Rangers, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa begin to berate Ooze, which does not sit too well with the evil tyrant. Zedd and Rita are overpowered by Ooze, and he miniaturizes them, trapping them in a snow globe, leaving Ooze with the moon base and lackeys to do as he pleases.

However, when things begin to turn around for the Rangers, Rita Repulsa and Zedd cheer the Rangers on, knowing full well that destruction is to come to Ivan Ooze for crossing the Rangers.

Differences from the TV version


Rita Repulsa

  • Rita Repulsa looks very similar to her TV counterpart, despite being played by a different actress. However, there were some redesigns. The dangling rope from her headdress no longer meet and her collar has been simplified to be non-circular and adorned with a simple triangular pattern. Despite always being seen with his golden two bracelets in the series, the one bracelet is only. Her wand was made thicker and more ornate.
  • It is not mentioned if Rita, in this incarnation, is married to Lord Zedd like her TV counterpart. The two constantly bickering with each other may imply the two were simply partners.
    • It could be theorized that in this reality, Lord Zedd only took control of the palace but did not expel Rita as in the series, since he could see that they would possibly be a better and more powerful threat united than separated to face their enemies, possibly for the same reason their appearance is more similar to the actress who played her in the original scenes of the Sentai (Machiko Sogo), since she must not have looked for the need to look younger and more beautiful to fall in love with Zedd.


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