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"Ready? Go!"
―Rita starting the matches

Rita is the guardian of the Moebius Connect on the planet Nemesis, and the presenter of the Super Sentai Strongest Battle. However this is revealed to be a facade and her true intention is to revive Dai-Satan.

Character History

Rita is a citizen of an unknown planet that were very poor, and had no resources. Most of its inhabitants fell to evil and everyone that acted like heroes had cost so many lives as well as the destruction of her planet. As no one come to helped her people, she lost faith in eveything, starting to believe that there is no justice in 5(3 universe. After learning about the wish in every 500 years, she went to planet Nemesis and killed the real guardians, because she thought they were going to get in her way.

Her lust of vengeance upon the life because of how dark was her life led her on doing that so and going further to the plan on reviving Ultimate Dai Satan. However, the stones which she needed to be gathered to complete any wish couldn't be gathered by herself, so she used Super Sentai battle after she learned about the Super Sentai to lure them on doing so.

Her plan was busted by Stinger and Doggie Krugger, but with Doggie had to leave the tournament after the final tournament and Stinger got possessed by Gaisorg, the Oddball team consisted of Yamato, Captain Marvelous, and Kagura (also Takaharu, but was hidden by Gaisorg) couldn't learn about it faster. Still, they managed to free Stinger to gain the information. Stinger and Yamato rushed to Rita, talking to her to stop her doing because she would also destroying herself. But Rita refused and already prepared on doing so as she had enough of living, using the stone to revive Ultimate Dai Satan.

After the struggle effort of the Oddball Team on destroying Ultimate Dai Satan with Super Sentai Storm, Rita went on rage and summoned Gaisorg's armor, wiping the weakened team and about to finish them off until Towa and Banba arrived because of their invitation ticket forced them to go. Rita got one sided by them in quick, even with taking Kagura as a hostage. After Towa and Banba left, Stinger arrested Rita telling her to repent and believed that she would have a better future as Stinger knew that Rita was actually a kind person.

Powers and Abilities




  • Unnamed silver/purple version of the Ryusoul Ken: Gaisorg's weapon
  • Unnamed shield


  • Her name and her connection with the planet Nemesis and Dai-Satan, is likely a reference to Witch Bandora, who was sealed on the same planet prior the events of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, was a servant to Dai-Satan and has a Power Rangers counterpart named Rita.
  • In the final battle, she throws her staff tip-first into the ground, causing a chasm to form with explosions rising from it, similar to Bandora (and thus the Rita known to Power Rangers fans) when enlarging her minions.
  • She is the only user of the Gaisorg armor to have full control over it.
    • She is also the only user to not be voiced by Tomokazu Seki while using it.


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