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Rita's Seed of Evil is the forty-first episode of the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


For a school project, the Rangers spend the afternoon planting trees in the park. However, Rita has some seeds of her own and sends Squatt down to plant her latest monster, the Octoplant. If allowed to grow un-impeded, it will grow as bit as the Earth and crush it into oblivion.


Kimberly, Jason, Zack, Mr. Caplan, Billy, and Trini are gathered around a table with several plants on top of it.  Mr. Caplan tells the teens, very nice work. "The samples you have grown from your science project look very healthy". Trini thanks him. Mr. Caplan tells them that he thinks they are ready for phase two, transplanting them to the park.  Zack gets excited over the idea of their plants providing oxygen and clean air. Billy adds with the accelerated rate rain forests are being destroyed, every tree planted counts.  Mr. Caplan tells them to keep him posted on their progress and walks away.  Bulk and Skull walk up.  Bulk taunts them, with nerds, nerds, how absurd, how does your garden grow?  Jason replies, with Billy's special fertilizer, it's going to grow great. Bulk asks them if they want to make a bet? "This time we got you geeks beat"! Bulk snaps his fingers and Skull pulls a rollaway table over. Skull reveals their plants. Bulk boastfully tells them, now these are baby trees. "Not like the little toothpicks you guys are growing". Skull adds, "Yeah toothpicks". Kimberly walks over and looks at the tag on their baby trees. Kimberly reads, one hundred percent pure plastic trees, 19.95. "Yeah, you guys are really ahead of us". Skull makes a face as he knows he is in trouble as Kimberly joins her friends at their table. Bulk pushes the table away. Bulk angry tells Skull, "I thought I told you to pull off the tags". Skull replies, "I knew I forgot something". Bulk tries to grab Skull, but Skull manages to stay out of his reach. Skull grabs a guy painting and green paint splatters all over Bulk. Kimberly, Jason, Zack, Billy, and Trini laugh. Zack tells his friends, that's the closest he is ever going to get to having a green thumb.

Rita has been watching the classroom. Rita comments, "So you want to raise some trees". Goldar tells her, "I will send down Squatt, my queen, to sow the seeds of the terrible Octoplant". "The dreaded Octoplant will grow and grow until its tentacles encircle the entire Earth and destroy it"! Rita laughs.

Kimberly, Billy, Jason, Trini, and Zack are walking through the park with their equipment and trees for planting. Jason stops them and tells them this is the spot in the park where they are suppose to plant the trees. Billy points out that his special fertilizer will enhance the growing process. Trini is very impressed. Kimberly suggests a spot and they all follow her.  Kimberly, Billy, and Jason work in one group. Digging holes in the ground and planting their small trees. Trini and Zack work in another group. Trini playfully scoops up the dirt and tosses it over to Zack's spot. Billy carefully waters and uses the fertilizer on his tree.



  • This episode features the first of the new battle tracks starting with "Hey Rita" & Wasserman singing the lyrics.
  • Final appearance of the dark rocky bodied Putty Patrollers (albeit only via previously deleted footage from "Out of Control".)
  • In Zyuranger, Dora Narcissus used his second form more often to attack people whereas here Octoplant was grown immediately after becoming a monster.
    • The reason for this is because he was around either Japanese children or the unmorphed Zyurangers almost exclusively before growing.
    • Also, Dora Narcissus was male in Zyuranger whereas his gender was changed here which is likely due to flowers being more associated with females in Western culture whereas it's more masculine in Japan.
  • Jason has his first solo morph in this episode.
  • This episode marks the first of only two times Ron Wasserman's "I Know a Place" is played during the Megazord fight, the second being in "Second Chance".
  • The Rangers' fight with Goldar and Scorpina utilizes footage from previous episodes.
  • The Rangers wear the same clothes that they did in “Foul Play in the Sky”.
  • All but one megazord cockpit shot (where Jason summons the Power Sword) are recycled from previous episodes and the Zyu 32 ones are removed because of the presence of unmorphed Goushi/MammothRanger.


  • Jason once again calls the Power Sword the "Mega Sword".
    • Also, in the same shot, the arm and shoulder of Goushi can be seen to the far right at the very start.
  • During the third scene of the episode, Jason says “This is the place in the park where we can find trees" despite being in a park full of trees.
  • When Jason morphs to battle the Octoplant solo, there is a single frame of a Zyuranger henshin sequence before the scene cuts to him somersaulting.
  • The Rangers fought the Putties in a quarry but then were suddenly fighting Goldar and Scorpina in the Park?
  • When Goldar and Scorpina blast the Rangers with their crossed blade blast, Jason can also be heard grunting in pain despite being further away fighting Putties.
  • Trini and Billy switch places in the order during their morph with Zack and Kim.
  • The episode cuts from Jason having just taken down the last of the Putties to him immediately being amongst the other Rangers to say "C'mon Rangers, let's get it together."
  • The Pink Ranger can be seen rushing a girl away from the battle with Goldar and Scorpina since this is recycled from "Island of Illusion-part I" although the shot runs fully unlike in the original episode.
  • Trini is missing throughout the battle, most notably when Goldar and Scorpina fire their hand blasts at the Rangers.
  • "Zyuranger" can be seen on Jason's morpher, when he takes out his Power Coin.
  • When Baboo remarked about the Octoplant's bulb not yet blooming, the footage of him and Squatt was reversed.
  • "Zyuranger" is seen on Jason's Blade Blaster when he changes it into Gun Mode.
  • During the Rangers' fight with Goldar and Scorpina, Red Ranger has the Power Sword. When he is struck by Goldar and falls, the Power Sword switches to a Blade Blaster between shots because this was reused from "No Clowning Around".
    • Also, the Pineoctopus' tentacles can be seen hitting the Rangers near the upper half of the screen when they fall.
  • When the Octoplant charges on the Megazord, the cockpit footage is edited and the Rangers are sitting in completely wrong places.
    • The reason for this is because Saban wanted to recreate a shot by themselves (as no cockpit shot of Dora Narcissus exists in Zyuranger) and failing miserably.

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