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"You’ve committed a sin by stealing you know?"
―Lippig's final words before his death.[src]

Rirus Lippig is a boar-themed Space Shogunate Jark Matter-allied Status Triple Gangler Monster from the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler, and the secondary antagonist of Lupinranger VS Patranger VS Kyuranger, equipped with the following pieces from the Lupin Collection:

1. Norwegian Forest / Le bois norvègien

2. The Unforgettable Fire / Le feu inoubliable

3. Another Brick in the Wall / Une autre brique dans le mur.


Rirus Lippig appears at the docks right underneath the hostage exchange for the legendary guitar, and since he gotten it, he was about to deliver it to the Jark Matter's new shogun and remnant, Don Arkage. However, thanks to Noël for bringing the Patranger's gear, they transformed battle Rirus, who used one of the treasure's ability to fire a barrage of logs at them, causing them difficulty due to their new suits. After that, he used all three of the guitar's abilities to make a clean get away with it

A while later, he appeared at his hideout, waiting for the arrival of Don Arkage so he can deliver the stolen guitar to him. After Don Arkage arrived a bit late, he tells his plan to Rirus Lippig because the guitar contains Hyper Planetium and with that power will allow them to conquer Earth. However, unknown to the two, they were being eavesdropped by Stinger, Hammie, and Spada. Before Don Arkage and Rirus leave with the stolen guitar, they were stopped by the three Kyurangers and the arrivals of the Lupinrangers, Balance and Naga Ray.

With that, Don Arkage asked Rirus and the Pordermen to deal them while he makes his leave with the guitar. He managed to deflect the Kyurangers attack and abilities, but he was then shot by the Lupinrangers. A while later during the fight, now with the proper gear, they manage to dodge Rirus' attacks and they manage to gain access to his three safes (which all three of his safes contains the same password and it is 8-2-1) and got three cellphones and they are Le bois norvègien (which translate as "Norwegian Wood"), Le feu inoubliable (which translate as "The Unforgettable Fire") and Une autre brique dans le mur (which translate as "Another Brick in the Wall"). After that, he was then destroyed by the combined attack of both the Lupinrangers and the Kyurangers.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Fire Tornado: Due to the The unforgettable fire / Le feu inoubliable treasure equipped in his safe, Rirus can shoot out a fire tornado from his hair.
  • Log Projectiles: Due to the Norwegian Forest / Le bois norvègien treasure equipped in his safe, Rirus can materialize logs as projectiles.
  • Brick Projectiles: Due to the Another Brick in the Wall / Une autre brique dans le mur treassure equipped in his safe, Rirus can materialize bricks as projectiles.
  • Drilling: Rirus can spin around to drill himself into and out of the ground.


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  • Double Budaster (ダブルブダスター Daburu Budasutā): Rirus uses a double barreled handgun for combat.
    • Whip: Rirus' gun has a whip on the handle for combat.


  • Criminal Record: Robbing Jark Matter's secret gold.
  • Lupin Collection: Norwegian Forest / Le bois norvègien, 'The unforgettable fire / Le feu inoubliable, Another Brick in the Wall / Une autre brique dans le mur cellphones
  • Gangler Safe Location:
    • Left portion of torso (Heart position)
    • Left shoulder
    • Right shoulder
  • Password Number: 8-2-1 (All 3 Safes)

Behind the Scenes


  • Rirus Lippig was voiced by Yoshiki Nakajima (中島ヨシキ Nakajima Yoshiki) in his first Tokusatsu debut.



  • Rirus' last name contains the word "pig".


  • Rirus Rippig's lower torso is repainted from Kerbero Gangan, which in turn, is repainted from Togeno Aves.



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