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"You’ve committed a sin by stealing you know?"
―Final words before his death.[src]

Rirus Lippig is a boar-themed Space Shogunate Jark Matter-allied Status Triple Gangler Monster from the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler equipped with the following pieces from the Lupin Collection:

1. Norwegian Forest / Le bois norvègien

2. The unforgettable fire / Le feu inoubliable

3. Another Brick in the Wall / Une autre brique dans le mur

Character History

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  • Double Budaster (ダブルブダスター Daburu Budasutā): Rirus uses a double barreled handgun for combat.
    • Whip: Rirus's gun has a whip on the handle for combat.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fire Tornado: Due to the The unforgettable fire / Le feu inoubliable treasure equipped in his safe, Rirus can shoot out a fire tornado from his hair.
  • Log Projectiles: Due to the Norwegian Forest / Le bois norvègien treasure equipped in his safe, Rirus can materialize logs as projectiles.
  • Brick Projectiles: Due to the Another Brick in the Wall / Une autre brique dans le mur treassure equipped in his safe, Rirus can materialize bricks as projectiles.
  • Drilling: Rirus can spin around to drill himself into and out of the ground.


  • Height: 187 cm
  • Weight: 216 kg
  • Criminal Record: Robbing Jark Matter's secret gold.
  • Lupin Collection: Norwegian Forest / Le bois norvègien, 'The unforgettable fire / Le feu inoubliable, Another Brick in the Wall / Une autre brique dans le mur cellphones
  • Gangler Safe Location:
    • Left portion of torso (Heart position)
    • Left shoulder
    • Right shoulder
  • Password Number: 8-2-1 (All 3 Safes)

Behind the Scenes


Rirus Lippig was voiced by Yoshiki Nakajima (中島ヨシキ Nakajima Yoshiki).


Rirus' last name contains the word "pig".


  • Animal Theme: Boar
  • Possible Prehistoric Basis: Entelodont
    • Rirus is the first Sentai Monster since Gouyu to have a boar theme.
      • Rirus' design incorporates straw, sticks, and bricks. That along with his boar theme is a reference to the Three Little Pigs.
        • Due to the shape of his gun, whip, fighting style, and pig-based design, he is possibly inspired by Roadhog from Overwatch.
  • He is the second Gangler to have Status Triple, after Zamigo Delma.
    • He is also the first to naturally have more than 2 safes as well as the first(and so far only) Gangler Monster to have their safes share the exact same Access Code.
  • Lippig's suit contains elements from Kerbero Gangan's suit and Togeno Aves's suit.
  • The Norwegian Forest / Le bois norvègien is the only Collection Piece Rirus has where it's design isn't based on the Transformation Device of a Sixth Ranger.


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