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"Ha! I'm ready to rip. Ha!"
―Ripperat’s first lines after being summoned by Cosmo.[src]
"I've struck out!"
―Ripperat's final words before his initial defeat.[src]
"Erragh! Thought you'd seen the last of me, huh?"
―Ripperrat after being gigantified.[src]
"Not again!"
―Ripperat's final words before his death.[src]

Ripperrat was a Weasel/Rat-like chainsaw-themed robotic monster who appears in the episode "Forged In Steel", which is the second part of the two-part pilot episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel.


Ripperrat was sent by Galvanax to attack Calvin Maxwell, Hayley Roster and Mick in order to obtain Ninja Steel from a trophy, Calvin and Hayley tried to fight back with a racket and basdeball bat, but Ripperat easily outmatch them, he then destroys Mick's Datacom and prepars to finish off Mick. But then the Nexus Prism arrives and hits Ripperrat in the side, saving them, Calvin and Hayley pull out yellow and white Ninja Power Stars from the Nexus. Brody Romero, Preston Tien, Sarah Thompson and Redbot arrives, the Rangers then morphed with the new Yellow and White Rangers battling along, Ripperrat began to battle the Rangers, but was overpowered by the Battle Morphers in Attack Mode and he was destroyed by Brody's Red Ninja Strike Steel Slash Ninja Spin Final Attack. Cosmo Royale uses the Gigantify Machine to grow Ripperat, but right after he was enlarged, his chainsaw arms stopped working alowing the Rangers enough time to summon their new Ninja Steel Zords, Ripperrat's chainsaws started working again and does battle with the Zords. He got the upperhand at first by slamming the Robo Red Zord backwards into a building, but was out match by the Dragon Zord's Fire Breath. He was then destroyed by the Rangers' Ninja Blaster Final attack. Forged in Steel

Ripperrat is revealed to have a twin brother named Trapsaw, who in term is near idetical to him.The Ranger Ribbon


Ripperrat is shown to be rurthless, but he tends to have a sarcastic side of humor.

Powers and Abilities

  • Teleportation: Ripperat can teleport of any location at will.
  • Strength: Ripperrat was surprisingly strong. Using his chainsaw arms, he could easily deflect the baseball bat and racket used against him and a single slash from his right chainsaw arm destroyed Mick's Datacom.
  • Durability:When fighting Hayley and Calvin, being smacked in the head by her racket did no damage and single stirke from the Nexus Prism knocked him over but her very quickly recovered.


  • Chainsaw Arm Guard: Ripperrat has the fabled claws of the kamaitachi from mythology for combat.
    • Ground Energy Chainsaw Cutters: Ripperrat can launch glowing purple energy slices from his Chainsaw Arm Guards that travel across the ground. This is his strongest attack as it easily took down Mick in three hits.
    • Energy Block: Ripperrat can charge up his guards and use them to block attacks from his enemies.
      • Destruction: By blocking his enemies weapons with energized chainsaws, Ripperat can break them. This broke Hayley's racket and bent Calvin's bat in two, which was said to be metal.
    • Energy Blades: Ripperrat can also launch purple energy blades from his Chainsaw Arm Guard. This attack can cover a huge range and was powerful enough to take down and hit both Hayley and Calvin in one hit.
    • Energy Empowerment: Ripperat could charge up his chainsaws blades with purple energy and strike down at the enemy with full force. A single energized slash might have killed Mick if the NInja Nexus Prism had not intervened.
    • Energy Chainsaw Cutters: Ripperrat can launch glowing purple energy slices from his Chainsaw Arm Guards, they can cause large explosions on impact as shown as he battles the Red Ranger in his Robo Red Zord. 
  • Serrated Throwing Kunai: Once enlarged, Ripperrat had kunai with serrated edges to toss at his foes.

Behind the Scenes



  • Ripperat is the first monster to:
    • Be fought by the Yellow and White Rangers.
    • Be fought by all five Ninja Steel Rangers.
    • Be enlarge.
    • Be fought by the Ninja Steel Zords.
  • Ripperat is the first uniquely created monster in Ninja Steel since Korvaka was a repainted version of Mig and Lavagor was Venjix's first form verbatim.
  • The footage of Hacktrack used in "Grave Robber" was previously deleted footage from the episode adapted into "Drive to Survive" where it was a simulation fight to improve the Ninninger skills that was likely not included due to time being required to introduce Hayley and Calvin as Rangers.
  • Though Korvaka is the first monster in the Power Rangers Ninja Steel series to be sent down to Earth to fight the Rangers, Ripperat is the first monster to be properly sent down to Earth to fight the Rangers (since Korvaka only went to retrieve the and retrieve their Power Stars, a trend that later Monsters afterwards will fellow.
  • Unlike his Japanese counterpart, he was not destroyed by the Ninja Steel Megazord, since the production team decided to introduce it in the following episode, but this Megazord footage will later be used for Trapsaw's Megazord battle in the episode "The Ranger Ribbon".
  • He is the second contestant to have a twin brother, the first being Lavagor, though his twin brother is named and both brothers fought the rangers, albeit at different times whereas Lavagor's brother is never assigned a name.

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