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"Scrozzle built me a little gift. You're not the only one with a Zord now."
Blaze introducing his Zord to Devon.[src]

"HA HA! Remember my Zord? There's NOTHING you can destroy that Scrozzle can't rebuild!"
―Robo Blaze re-introducing his Zord to Devon.[src]

Blaze's Megazord is a Megazord in Power Rangers Beast Morphers and Blaze's personal Gigadrone.


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This Megazord was built by Scrozzle and piloted by Blaze's avatar when the Grid Battleforce Rangers attacked the Cyber Dimension. Blaze used it to try and stop Devon in the Racer Zord from the destroying a stolen part of the Morph-X Tower Network. The two Zords ended up fighting inside the tower itself with them being an even match but, after Scrozzle was shot in the back by Nate . Devon destroyed both the Megazord and Blaze's avatar. The resulting explosion sets off a chain reaction inside the tower causing it to explode as well. The tower's explosion also subsequently destroyed Evox's new body. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Evox Upgraded

Although the Zord was originally (albeit indirectly) responsible for the downfall of Evox the first time, Scrozzle saw how well it matched the Racer Zord in combat and would later on proceed to build another copy to combat the Rangers.

After the Beast-X King Zord was freed from Evox's control, Blaze deployed in the second incarnation of his Megazord to attack Devon. He tried to obliterate both Zords with the Megazord's energy blasts but they were unfazed and the King Zord changed into its bike mode. More energy blasts proved completely ineffective and the Megazord was rammed out of the sky before the King Zord turned back into Lion Mode. With his Zord now out of Morph-X (due to the prolonged battle against the then evil Zord) Devon entered the new Zord and changed it into Battle Mode. The formation easily overwhelmed the Evil Zord before finishing it off with the Beast-X King Flame Strike and Scepter Slash, taking this current body of Blaze down with it. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Beast King Rampage


Powers and Abilities


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  • Strength: The Megazord is very strong, knocking back the Racer Zord with a single blow.
  • Durability-The original Blaze's Megazord shrugged off a slash right up its middle from the Racer Zord's sword whilst the 2nd version of Blaze's Megazord was rammed out of the sky by the Beast-X King Zord Battle Mode without serious damage and shrugged off a variety of hits from its lance.
  • Flight: The Megazord has the ability to fly thanks to the rocket boosters under its wings.


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  • Arm Blade: The Megazord has a massive red blade going up its right arm. It serves as the counterpart to the Racer Zord's various swords.
    • Arm Blaster: The Megazord's arm blade seems to double as a blaster that can rapidly fire red energy blasts although it was easily deflected by the Racer Zord's own weapon during their first battle and dodged during the second.
      • Power Shot: The Megazord's strongest attack where it fully energizes its arm blaster and fires a devastating red laser that could cause an explosion. Although it was unfazed, Blaze's previous line implied that this was supposed to destroy both the Zords and Devon.

Behind the Scenes


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  • This Evil Zord is the only mecha adapted from Go-Busters to maintain being called a Megazord rather than a Gigadrone.
  • An original cockpit was created for this Megazord instead of reusing Go-Busters stock footage of its counterpart due to the presence of Enter untransformed.


  • Though the mention was cut for time, Blaze's Megazord was named Ripper Zord behind the scenes. [1]



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