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"You're mine. "

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Ringbah is an alien bounty hunter, recruited by Emperor Gruumm to destroy the B-Squad Rangers. However, the battle with Power Rangers was actually a distraction maneuver to keep the Rangers occupied, while Krybots will collect the special diamonds on Earth to turn them into the fuel for Gruumm's ship. Ringbah serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Walls".


Ringbah is an alien bounty hunter. In the fourth episode Ringbah was hired by Gruumm to attack Newtech City and destroy the B-Squad Rangers. Broodwing gave Ringbah a giant robot and Ringbah attacked Newtech City and started destroying the city to get the attention of Power Rangers. However Gruumm contacted him via the console screen and ordered him not to waste time and create as much chaos in the city as possible. Ringbah wanted to have fun but Gruumm told the bounty hunter that he belonged to his army and his mission was to cause havoc in the city. Gruumm even threatened to lock him in the camera. Ringbah followed the order and continued causing chaos in the city. Then Ringbah encountered the Rangers with their Delta Runners. Rangers formed the Delta Squad Megazord and battled Ringbah. Rangers analyzed Ringbah's robot and Syd found the weak spot of his machine. Ringbah was confident in his battle with rangers. Ringbah was nearly defeated and his robot was heavily weakened, so Mora connected him and told the alien that his energy was almost at zero and he had to retreat. Ringbah retreated. Ringbah returned to the Gruumm's ship. Gruumm was furious because of Ringbah's failure and tortured Ringbah by the telekinesis and tried to kill him. However Mora stopped Gruumm and asked him to give Ringbah the second chance as his robot ran out of energy. Mora demonstrated her sadistic traits, as she admitted that she really enjoyed when someone perished in space, but she thought Ringbah could still be useful. Mora offered Gruumm to collect Hellarium Crystals to enhance abilities of Ringbah's robot and Gruumm's ship. Broodwing arrived and told Mora that such crystals didn't exist in this galaxy, but Mora said these crystals were on the Earth. When Krybots stole one crystal and brought it to Gruumm, Gruumm ordered Mora to use it to strengthen Ringbah's robot. Ringbah attacked Newtech City with more powerful robot and battled the rangers. However, it was Gruumm's plan to distract the heroes, while Krybots will steal more crystals. First Ringbah was attacked by Jack with his Red Delta Runner. Ringbah's robot was destroyed, but he managed to escape. Ringbah summoned Krybots to aid him against the rangers. After heroes defeated Krybots, they fought Ringbah. They defeated mercenary with their weapons and then used Judgement Scanner to judge him. Ringbah tried to reason with heroes, telling them that he was innocent and framed, but he was found guilty and Sky contained him in the Data Card. However despite Ringbah was captured, but Gruumm and Mora obtained Hellarium Crystals to make their ship more powerful. Walls


Ringbah was an arrogant, confident and chaotic mercenary, who enjoyed causing havoc in the city. He wanted to have fun and enjoyed battling the Power Rangers. He feared to be captured by the Rangers and even tried to reason with them, telling the heroes that he was actually innocent and he was framed. It was a lie, as he indeed served Gruumm and attacked Newtech City. So he was contained by Sky. Ringbah had difficult relationships Gruumm, his employer. As Gruumm was brutal, abusive and unforgiving and treated Ringbah brutally, even threatening to kill him. Ringbah got some aid from Mora, as she offered Gruumm to spare him and give him the second chance. However Mora actually lacked mercy to Ringbah, only using him for gain.

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength: Ringbah has big strength, enough to battle the Power Rangers.
  • Skilled Fighter: Plus to his strength, Ringbah is also a skilled fighter.


  • Axe: Ringbah wields an axe in battle.
  • Spherical Device: Ringbah also wields a spherical device for summoning Krybots.


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Behind The Scenes



  • Ringbah is the first monster, who used Krybots.

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