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Ring Shadow (リングシャドー Ringu Shadō) is a Shadow Monster armed with the Jewel Gauntlets (宝石系ガントレット Hōseki-kei Gantoretto) as well as the Headache Rings (頭痛系リング Zutsū-kei Ringu), which he uses to affect people around his Henzutsū (変頭痛 lit. Strange Headache) Dark Station. He has a possessive personality. The Headache Rings he creates causes unbearable headaches to the person who wears it whenever his/her name is heard, and can only be removed by Ring Shadow himself. Zaram, who has once again been pulled into the ToQgers' fight, falls victim to this, and was freed from its effects after accepting the human name Akira Nijino from the ToQgers. After the now 6 member ToQger team defeats him in his human size, Ring Shadow grows into a giant where his diamond-hard defenses are too much for ToQ-Oh to handle. ToQ 6gou brings out the Drill Ressha to form ToQ-Oh Drill, which is able to destroy Ring Shadow once and for all.

Ring Shadow was among the Shadow Monsters that were brought back as ghosts by Tombstone Shadow, they were weaker than when they were living and unable to grow when defeated. He was destroyed again by ToQ 4gou and ToQ 5gou's Scope Ressha-enhanced ToQ Blaster (Uchimasu) blast. Station 39: The Beginning of the End


  • ID Number: Ze Ha 22-18
  • Station Building: Henzutsuu
  • Motif: Ring
  • Height: 202 cm (44.4m: giant)
  • Weight: 189 kg (415.8t: giant)
  • "Henzutsuu" is the portmanteau of "Headache" and Bentencho (弁天町), a railway station in the Osaka Prefacture.

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