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""You're overdoing it! The Dekarangers will come!""
―Rokomoian Kevakia's first words when contacting Grorserian Hell Heaven when he was disturbing a party in Devil Capture.[src]
""I won't forgive you, bastard!""
―Rokomoian Kevakia after Hoji demanded him to surrender and his final words before is body's deletion.[src]
""Those that defeated me...I will not forgive them!""
―Rikomoian Kevakia when appearing in Devil Capture II and his final words before his death.[src]

Rikomoian Kevakia (リコモ星人ケバキーア Rikomo Seijin Kebakīa) was an Alienizer in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.

Character History

From Planet Rikomo, he is a digital-based being that traveling through the internet to emerge from other computers, with a host PC as his base of operations. But once out in the physical world, his strength fades.

He hired the hitman Grorserian Hell Heaven to kidnap Fragrantian Erika at a party in Area-87, piloting Devil Capture. After accomplishing his mission, he escaped thus leaving from the battle against Dekaranger Robo.

Soon he made Hell contacted Erika's parents and demanded their Wellness Stone in exchange of their daughter. The next day, a transaction was held until the Dekarangers revealed their trick. With the Alienizer alone, the team face him, first as he sends out a squadron of Anaroids they easily take out, then with him releasing Devil Capture once again. Red, Green and Yellow head forth in their Dekamachine, where they attach a long sword-like pointer to PatStriker. Ban attacks the mech with the sword and his driving skills, destroying the Kaijuuki and Houji deleted Hell Heaven. But the Alienizer's actual job was accomplished, as Erika turned out to be the disguised Kevakia and escaped with the Wellness Stone. Episode. 03: Perfect Blue

Kevakia's plan is to sell the Wellness Stone and release Erika once his job had done. With the help of Swan Shiratori, Ban and Houji infiltrate his computer after turning into data and saved Erika. After struggling through multiple alternate reality, they manage to escape his trump card and charged with kidnapping by the universal court before being deleted by Banban and Hoji with a combination of the D-Magnum Magnum Execution Hoji's D-Sniper. The Wellness Stone was retrieved and they returned to the real world but Kevakia managed to upload his remaining data into the Devil Capture II. Refusing to give up against the Dekarangers, Kevakia at first swiftly overpowered the Dekaranger Robo until it turned the tables and finally deleted him with Justice Flasher, marking the end of him and his schemes for good. Episode. 04: Cyber Dive


Rikomoian Kevakia

  • Height: 192 cm
  • Weight: 92 kg
Powers and abilities
Data Mimicry
Kevakia's true nature is that of a collected form of data, where he resides in a computer and capable of materializing to the real world. However, his body quickly degraded once he outside the real world. To compensate this weakness, he has to recuperate in his host laptop for 20 hours.
Kevakia can disguise himself using photographic images.
Data Transferal
Before his death, Kevakia managed to upload several remaining data from him into the Devil Capture.
Blaster gun
A regular gun which fires energy ammunition
Alternative weapon, it can also unleash lightning bolts.
Digitizer Bracer
A bracer that allows him to manipulate virtual environments to his liking.

Heavy Industrial Machine Devil Capture 2 (怪重機デビルキャプチャー2 Kaijūki Debiru Kyapuchā Tsū) is the second model purchased by Rikomoian Kevakia. After Kevakia's defeat, he upload his data into the mecha, acting as its "brain". Compared to the original, it wielded a cannon on its left hand instead of a smaller pincer but retains his large pincer on its right.

Behind the Scenes



  • to be added

Accused Crimes

  • Kidnapping of Fragrantian Etka.
  • Assault.
  • Kidnapping for profit.


  • His home planet is named after Hikikomori (引きこもり Hikikomori, literally "pulling inward", i.e., "acute social withdrawal").
  • His name is Akiba-kei (秋葉系) spelt in a reversed kana script.



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