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For her V-Cinema alternate see Rika Sakurada (V-Cinema)

Rika Sakurada is Hiromu Sakurada's 27-year-old sister.


Thirteen years ago, their father had saved the world by isolating his entire research building into Hyper Space to contain the virus "Messiah".

This time, it's her 20-year old brother who is trying to save the world, fighting against Vaglass as Red Buster of the Go-Busters. This is not something she supports, believing that this will result in her family breaking up, along with believing that Cheeda Nick, in which she despises, has been trying to draft him in.

However, as of Mission 10, any animosity towards Nick, and the EMC had been brushed aside, after Nick set her straight, saying that Hiromu became Red Buster, to ensure that no other family has to endure what they did 13 years ago. She ends up finally accepting Nick at the end of the episode.

Rika Sakurada Christmas.png

In Mission 44, she & the Go-Busters celebrate Christmas after Messiah death.


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