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"Leave it to me, leader!"
―Rigurou's first words[src]
"I won't die like this! Barba Extract!"
―Rigurou's first words being enlarged[src]

Rigurou (リグロー Rigurō) is a Majin minion of the Space Pirates Balban under Gun Boss Sambash

Character History

A flea-like Majin who tried to find a heat source for the Daitanix's awakening. Rigurou can absorb the heat from people and locations, using the absorbers on the palms of his hands. This process would turn the people into frozen shells and the locations into frozen wastelands. Though he didn't wield a weapon, he could blast flamethrowers from the heat absorbers. He is killed by the GingaLeon's Strong Flame after being thrashed by the other Starbeasts, including Gingalcon's tornado attack.


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Modus and Arsenal

  • His most powerful ability is the ability to control heat, sucking it from physical bodies with his hands and then firing it back at an opponent in a heat ray.


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Behind the Scenes

  • His name comes from "Flea" and "Claw"


  • Rigurou was designed by character designer Akira Nozaki.
  • He’s the only Sambash Majin Gang not to be adapted on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.
  • Although unused in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, the Snow Battle with Swabbies footage was used in the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy episode "Dream Battle".
  • His motif is based off of a flea and a motorcycle gangster.
  • The reason he went unused in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, much of his footage spent around Japanese citizens absorbing their body heat. The main reason is they didn't have his costume to shoot new footage because his costume was rebuit and modified for Dolmar (Ruptor).


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