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Character History

Ridomihan Kersus (リドミハ星人カーサス Ridomiha Seijin Kāsasu, 6): Charged with murder and planet invasion, she and her younger sister Karmia are from the "once-water, now desert" planet Ridomiha as invasion scouts to steal the Earth's supply of water. But Karmia has second thoughts at the last minute, caring for Earthlings, and is killed for it, Kersus using a thin, high-pressure water stream to slice through Karmia's car. She discovers another alien, Juuzaiann Braidy, and lets him take the blame until Sen-chan uncovered the truth. Like other members of her race, she can use water in various ways like using it to secrete healing liquid from their stalks to heal herself and others or use high-power water streams she emits to slice through concrete and steel like butter. Deleted by the D-Bazooka.


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Abilities and Arsenal

  • Hydrokinesis: Ridomihans have the natural ability to freely manipulate water. 
    • Water Filtration: A side effect of this trait. Since Ridomihans can only manipulate water so they can easily gather cleansed water without effort.
    • Water Cutting: An adaption of this trait. Ridomihans can emit high pressure water to cut through hard materials
  • Thorn Sword: Kersus uses a rose thorn-shaped sword for close combat uses.



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Behind the Scenes

  • Her home planet is "Leaf" and "Green" spelt in a reversed kana script.
  • Her name is based on Tuesday Suspense Theatre series in Japan.


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