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Riding the Edge is the fourth episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.


Diabolico unleashes Whirlin, the tornado monster, to destroy Mariner Bay. The Rangers rescue a shuttle caught in the tornado's path from crash landing, and destroy the monster with the Lightspeed Megazord.


Kelsey rescues a dog from being hit by a car. She meets the owner, Nancy, who thanks her for that "crazy" rescue. Diabolico requests a monster the Rangers can't touch. Jinxer creates Whirlin, who can summon tornadoes. Back at the Aquabase, Dana watches a shuttle launch on television. Kelsey recognizes the pilot as Nancy. Everyone gathers around to watch the shuttle take off, but they're interrupted by news of trouble. A tornado has come out of nowhere and begun causing destruction throughout Mariner Bay. The Rangers rush to the scene. A scan by Carter reveals a monster inside of the tornado. He blasts it with his Rescue Blaster and the monster comes falling down. Whirlin summons some Batlings, and they fight the Rangers. He then fights Carter, slamming him into some drums and boxes. Whirlin turns back into the tornado, directly in the flight path of Nancy's shuttle. The Rangers summon the Rescuebird, and fire at the tornado, destroying the monster. The team gets news that Nancy's shuttle is damaged, and about to crash. Kelsey has a plan - she summons the Zords. First, Joel flies to the shuttle in Aero Rescue Three and stabilizes its course by holding it with the magnetic locks. Then, Dana clears the freeway of all cars for it to be used as a runway to land the shuttle. Joel drops the shuttle off just over Hazrescue Four. It successfully lands on the Zord. Kelsey manages to stop just as the freeway is about to end. Carter lifts the shuttle to safety with Pyro Rescue. The trouble isn't over yet - Whirlin has been reanimated by Jinxer, and turned into a giant. The Rangers summon their Zords, and destroy the monster with a slash from the Lightspeed Megazord Saber. The Rangers meet up with Nancy, and she thanks them for rescuing her, Kelsey especially.




  • In the real world, it's not likely possible for a space shuttle to return to the city it took off from due to the rotation of the Earth and the pull of gravity.
  • After defeating Whirlin the Rangers were seen placing their Rescue Blasters back into their holsters when they had actually used the Unilaser against him.
  • The freeway used by Kelsey to land the shuttle (that has been seen to have cars driving down it earlier) was seemingly unfinished and ended in a sheer drop.
  • Despite clearly overhearing the Rangers' conversation, which includes Kelsey being called by name several times, Nancy doesn't realize it's Kelsey until she gives the familiar response, "Crazy is my middle name."


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  • This episode marks the first appearance of a helmetless Ranger this series (although only Kelsey appears this way).
  • This is the first time that the alternate transformation sequence for the Lightspeed Megazord is shown. Typically when the Megazord is formed, Aero Rescue 3 lifts Pyro Rescue 1 into the air using its magnetic cables, and Pyro Rescue 1 transforms into the upper body and arms of the Megazord while being carried over to the lower half which is formed by Aqua Rescue 2, Haz Rescue 4 and Med Rescue 5, after Aqua Rescue 2 is also lifted by the same magnetic cables and then lowered onto Haz Rescue 4 and Med Rescue 5. In this instance however, the latter three Zords that are mentioned go about their transformation like normal, while Pyro Rescue 1 transforms into the Megazord's torso and arms on the ground, and then raises itself up and over the lower body, gradually lowering itself down with the ladder arms.

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