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Ricky Goldtsuiker is a World Pirate from Kaizokutopia. He later became TwokaiRicky (ツーカイリッキー Tsūkai Rikkī) and now serves as one of Twokaizer's Assist Robots.

Character History

Ricky Goldtsuiker is Cutanner's twin brother and Zox and Flint's younger brother. Some time during the invasion of the Tojitendo, he went to SDtopia with Cutanner and the other World Pirates. The twins ended up arguing with each other and when they tried to win by defeating an opponent, Ricky got cursed and became TwokaiRicky. Soon afterwards, the World Pirates left SDtopia and the Tojitendo Dynasty sealed it in a Tojiru Gear not long afterwards, making the group's new mission to find the SDtopia gear and destroy it so that they had a chance to undo the world's curse.


Ricky and Cutanner are both eager and ready for action while admiring their elder siblings, though both are prone to whining whenever they get the short end of the straw on certain situations. They are, however, very supportive of their family. Ricky in particular favors cream buns.


SD form

After being cursed, Ricky made up for his diminuative stature by being able to levitate, while he also possesses enough strength to knock someone over. TwokaiRicky can also enlarge at will, being able to pilot the CrawlingOh combat cycle and combine with CrocoDaiOh and Cutanner into TwokaiOh.


  • Super Ricky Gun: TwokaiRicky has a large gatling cannon strapped to his back. This forms the main weapon of TwokaiOh Ricky and serves as CrawlingOh's main long-ranged weapon. It is stored on the rear of TwokaiOh Cutanner when not in use.


Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 9-

Twokaizer Ohran Form

Ohran Form (オーレンフォーム Ōren Fōmu) is Twokaizer's Ohranger-based form.[1] When he speaks in this form, Ricky's voice overlaps with his, and Twokaizer's close-combat abilities are boosted to high levels.


Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 9-

Zenkai Gattai TwokaiOh Ricky (全界合体ツーカイオーリッキー Zenkai Gattai Tsūkaiō Rikkī)[2] When combining with Battleship CrocoDaiOh, Ricky becomes the head, and his gatling cannon becomes the main weapon.
Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes TBA

Zenkai Gattai TwokaiOh Cutanner (全界合体ツーカイオーカッタナー Zenkai Gattai Tsūkaiō Kattanā)[2] can be formed with Cuttaner serving as the head for TwokaiOh while Ricky serves as the handle for the sword.
Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 12-


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