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"Shinken Brown! Richard Brown!
The Same, Brown! Richard Brown!"
―Shinken Brown's roll call[src]

Richard Brown (リチャード・ブラウン Richādo Buraun) is an American who traveled to Japan to learn the ways of the samurai.


When he was cured of Yamiororo's poison in Act 7 of Shinkenger, he had admired the Shinkengers, especially Ryunosuke. After finding their hideout, the team organized training that should have driven him away, but Ryunosuke saw how much Mr. Brown wanted to be a Samurai and took him under his wing, intending to turn him into a true Samurai. During his training, Ryunosuke got word that the Ayakashi Hachouchin was attacking the city. However Mr. Brown tagged along and, because of his interference, Hachouchin nearly defeated the Shinkengers before falling back into the Sanzu River. After the battle, Ryunosuke finally realizes that Mr. Brown is a liability to himself and the team and tells him that he can no longer be his teacher. When Hachouchin resumes his attack, Mr. Brown turns up during the Shinkenger's roll call. Having misunderstood Ryunosuke's words and believing that there is nothing else he needs to learn, Mr. Brown turns up as 'Shinken Brown' and tries to lead the team into battle. However this obviously goes badly and he ends up being badly burned by Hachouchin's first attack. When the Shinkengers nearly get destroyed, Mr. Brown tells them never to give up, which revitalizes the fighting spirit they need to help them destroy Hachouchin with the Kajiki Five Rings Bullet and Tenkuu ShinkenOh. After the battle, Richard returns to his home country to spread the ways of the Samurai as the Shinkengers bid him farewell having realized that, while Mr. Brown may not have the training, he does indeed have the heart of a true Samurai.

Shinken Brown


Shinken Brown


  • He's the first Sentai wannabe that is not from Japan or an alien planet. In this case, he's from America.
  • He's the first male Sentai wannabe, followed by Mario Mori.
  • Despite not offically counted as Sentai Brown, there would be the first official Sentai Brown Ranger11 years later.
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