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Rib Mask.

Ribcage Mask (アバラ仮面 Abara Kamen) is the eighth of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Ribcage Mask initially appears to attack Tsuyoshi Kaijo while he was on a mission to deliver the liquid explosive SX-2000 to a secret EAGLE facility for protection before it exploded in 30 hours time. Unknowing of Akarenger's true mission, the Masked Monster attacks him, ultimately cuffing his hands while he's driving Red Star and making him fall off a cliff, becoming seriously hurt. Though trying to reach the other Gorengers, Tsuyoshi has a hard time with Ribcage Mask still searching for him and his means of communication in this dire scenario lacking. Ultimately, he ends up at a mysterious mansion in the woods, where a young female patron awaits him and tries to take care of him. But the mansion was in truth Ribcage Mask's trap: the girl in the mansion was already dead and he had revived her as his puppet to lure in Akarenger and to drug him with wine, making him fall within their means.

While investigating their captive prisoner, Ribcage Mask discovers the SX-2000 capsule without knowing what it is and tries to torture Tsuyoshi for the information, even injecting him with poison to reveal the truth. When Kenji and Peggy appear near the mansion to rescue him, he is forced to keep his mouth quiet in fear of revealing about the explosive and his true mission; Kenji eventually blurts it out and the Masked Monster takes the explosive to Golden Mask and the Black Cross Führer, who decide to use it as part of a missile to destroy Tokyo.

Once Tsuyoshi, Peggy and Kenji finally escape the mansion before Ribcage Mask blows it up, they, Akira and Daigoro reunite to confront the Masked Monster. Akarenger prevents Ribcage Mask from firing the missile while Peggy disarmed the explosive. The team ultimately use Gorenger Hurricane to transform into a bowl of soup broth (with bones still inside it) which Ribcage Mask gobbles down, which makes him sick before finally exploding. Ep. 62: The White Mystery! The Trap of the Grim Reaper's Mansion


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Modus and Arsenal

Ribcage Mask's main means of attack is by throwing his spinal-cord like segments with rib attached to them for his head towards his opponents like projectiles; when used they act like cuffs in restraining limb movement. He also possesses a forked staff with a rib-like protrusion for grappling and can use x-ray vision. However his most bizarre ability is the ability to raise the dead, reviving dead bodies and controlling their will like puppets to do whatever he wants them to do, such as the girl who rested in the mansion after her passing.



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Behind the Scenes

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