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Rhoda Mae Montemayor (born May 31, 1979 in London, UK) is an actress and dancer of Filipino heritage. Her premiere role was as Tiger Lily in Finding Neverland. Her most notable role is Rose Ortiz, the Pink Ranger, in Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive. She has recently finished filming a cameo role in the film Adulthood. She has recently taken down her MySpace profile and shut down her official website (Her site has since reopened), as yet there are no explanations as to why; though it is highly suspected that an internet based race-hate campaign against her was involved. Rhoda herself has not yet commented on the specific reasons as to why her MySpace profile and official website have gone.



  • Suicide Kids (2011) - Candygal
  • AdULTHOOD (2008) - Kim
  • Animal (2005) - Lohan N'Guyen
  • Finding Neverland (2004) - Tiger Lily
  • Mama San (2002) - Pa Ku


  • Eigen Kweek - Julita
  • Trinity (2009)
    • S01E07 - Korean Student
  • Holby City (2009)
    • S11E24: Locked Away (2009) - Lalaine Anderson
    • S11E25: Careful What You Wish For (2009) - Lalaine Anderson
    • S11E26: Too Much to Ask (2009) - Lalaine Anderson
    • S11E27: No Legacy So Rich (2009) - Lalaine Anderson
    • S11E28: Running on Empty (2009) - Lalaine Anderson
  • Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (2007) - Rose Ortiz/Pink Overdrive Ranger
    • All 32 Episodes
  • Kerching (2004)
    • S02E09: Seymour's Kitchen (2004) - Kate
  • Harry & Cosh (2003)
    • S04E12: Kung Fu Warriors (2003) - Mai


  • Puma Football - Student


  • Peter Pan - Peter Pan
  • A Chorus Line - Connie Wong
  • West Side Story - Rosalia
  • West Side Story UK Tour - Teresita
  • Peter Pan - Tiger Lily


  • Nokia - Featured Artist


  • Rhoda has played Peter Pan character Tiger Lily on the silver screen and in a theatre production.
  • Appeared in an episode of Holby City called "Running on Empty" and Operation Overdrive had episodes called "Ronny on Empty Part 1" and "Ronny on Empty Part 2" which are a pun of Running on Empty.
  • In June 2007, Rhoda appeared with her fellow Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive co-stars, among other past Power Rangers actors/actresses, at Power Morphicon in Los Angeles, California.


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