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The Rhino Steel Zord was the rhinoceros-themed Carrier Zord/Animal Spirit of the Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger. It was controlled by the Control Dagger and found at the Rhino Nexus. It sported a blade horn and had the ability to carry all the Animal Spirits at once.


The Rhino Ranger doesn't get this Zord when he transformed the first time seeing as it was sealed away in the Rhino Nexus. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Path of the Rhino

Camille manages to capture the Control Dagger from Dominic whilst the other Rangers are fighting Grizzaka's Rinshi Beast named Whirnado and his son Whiricane. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Dash for the Dagger

A large brawl erupts later when Dai Shi/Jarrod and Camile go to the Nexus and are confronted by Grizzaka, Carnisoar and Jelica who overwhelm them but the Rangers get involved. Carnisoar grows after they defeat his illusions and the Rangers summon the Jungle Pride and Wolf Pride Megazords whilst Dominic manages to steal the Dagger back and restore the Rhino Steel Zord. Carnisoar decimates the Megazords in the meantime and is ready to destroy the Rangers but the Zord intervenes and changes into Warrior Mode. It then overpowers Carnisoar easily, disarmed him with an energy spark and finishes him off with the Rhino Blade Super Slash. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Race to the Nexus

After a now giant Grizzaka overwhelms the Jungle Master and Wolf Pride Megazords, Dominic summons his Zord and activates its Warrior Mode. Grizzaka blocks its sword and claims there is no one stronger than him but is thrown away when all three Megazords combine their powers into a massive yellow energy wave. They then form a new formation called the Jungle Master Stampede which easily kills Grizzaka despite his arrogant protests to the contrary. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Arise the Crystal Eyes

After defeating Sonimax, he grows and they summon the Jungle Master, Wolf Pride, and Rhino Steel Megazords which easily overwhelm him with the aid of the Elephant Zord. However, before the Rhino Steel Zord can finish him off, Snapper intervened, takes out Dominic with a shockwave, and sent the other two flying with an energy punch before they both leave. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Fear and the Phantoms

The Jungle Master Megazord and Rhino Steel Zord are summoned to fight Dynamir and temporarily overwhelm him. However, he takes the former out and demorphs the Rangers before overwhelming the Warrior Mode with energy blasts. Luckily, the Wolf Pride with Bat Power arrives and turns the tide by energy slashing him and then drilling through his stomach before the Rhino Blade Super Slash finishes him off. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Blue Ranger, Twin Danger

After Whiger grows, he overwhelms the Wolf Pride and Jungle Pride Megazords so the Rhino Steel Zord pushes him back and turns into Warrior Mode. However, it has its blade blocked and is kicked back before being blasted away by a devastating energy wave blast. With no other choice, they are forced to form the Jungle Master Stampede which defeats him with a stab from its horn but he survives and flees back to the Temple of the Dai Shi. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Tigers Fall, Lions Rise

Badrat later makes himself grow a few days later and the Wolf Pride and Rhino Steel Zords fight and nearly destroy him but he witches places with his partner Rammer easily take both out with his spin attack before both leave. Later on, once they both grew, all three Megazords are formed but are quickly dismantled by the two teaming up for a massive spin attack. However, they summon the Antelope, Bat, Elephant, Jaguar, Tiger, and Cheetah Animal Spirits and unleash the Final Strike on the duo. Although Rammer is killed, Badrat survives and nearly takes out the Animal Spirits so Casey called for the Jungle Pride Charge which quickly kills Badrat. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Spirit of Kindness

Once Grinder enlarges, they summon the Jungle Master, Wolf Pride, and Rhino Steel Megazords to battle him. He tries to melt them with a massive wave of fire but the Rhino Blade Super Freeze turns him into a sculpture which the Jungle Master Stampede easily destroys. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Maryl and the Monkeys

After being defeated by a combination of the Claw Cannon, Wolf Beam, and Rhino Blade, Lepus grows and thus the components for the Wolf Pride and Jungle Master Megazords are summoned along with the Rhino Steel Zord. It flings her into the air where she flies using her ears but is brought back down to Earth with the Jungle Master Zord's finisher and then finished off with the same Final Strike as Rammer. Tvicon.png TV STORY-To Earn Your Stripes

After the death of Snapper and defeat of Scorch, the Phantom Beast General leader makes himself grow so they summon their Zords and form the Jungle Pride Charge. Jarrod and Camille then summoned the Chameleon and Lion Animal Spirits to form the most powerful formation of all; the Jungle Pride Charge with Lion and Chameleon Power. It advances but a massive energy blast from his face stops it although they easily push through it. They then unleash a devastating attack which seemingly kills Scorch although he manages to survive. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Path of the Righteous

After Dai Shi unleashes his true form, RJ and Dominic summon the Wolf Pride and Rhino Pride Megazords to take him on with the former restraining the mighty dragon so that Dominic can destroy it with the Rhino Blade Super Slash. However, he survives and takes out both of them with a massive energy blast, ejecting and demorphing the two. It is unknown if it is revived after Dai Shi was destroyed as it is only acquired in a solid form and not fully an Animal Spirit. It is most likely that it was disappeared forever given it can be seen disintegrating when blasted. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Now the Final Fury

Rhino Warrior Mode

"Rhino Steel, Warrior Mode!"
―Tigers Fall, Lions Rise

The Rhino Steel Zord could transform into a battle mode named the Rhino Warrior Mode, after which the horn became its sword dubbed the Rhino Steel Blade to hack and slash its enemies. It could also be used to slash along the ground to launch sparks strong enough to disarm Carnisoar or execute the Super Freeze where it fires forth a wave of ice and snow enough to freeze Grinder solid.

The finisher was called the Rhino Blade Super Slash and involved charging up the sword with yellow energy and then drawing the Pai Zhuq symbol in the sky with the blade. The symbol would fire forth and mortally wound the enemy.

Appearances: Jungle Fury Episodes 21-32

Alternate Formations

Jungle Master Stampede

""Animal Spirits {grunts}!""
―Combination command.[src]

The Jungle Master Stampede was the combination of the Jungle Master Megazord's components, Wolf and Rhino Steel Zord. The Rhino Steel Zord carried the Wolf Zord on its neck and Gorilla Zord (in Jungle Master Megazord upper body form) on its back as the Antelope and Penguin ran/flew alongside it.

The finisher was the Jungle Master Spin Attack where the Wolf, Antelope and Penguin flew at the enemy releasing energy attacks as the Rhino slashed with its horn, before the Jungle Master's fists hit the enemy repeatedly to the ground.

Appearances: Jungle Fury Episodes 22, 27, 29 

Animal Spirit Stampede

"Calling on Animal Spirits!"
―Summoning call.[src]

The Animal Spirit Stampede was the combination of most of the Animal Spirits. The Rangers summoned all of the animal spirits in their control with the Rhino Steel Zord in the center, the Tiger, Cheetah, Jaguar & Antelope Zords at its right, the Elephant, Gorilla, & Wolf Zords at its left and the Bat, Shark & Penguin Zords in the air.

The finisher for them was the Animal Spirits Stampede Final Strike where they spewed multi-colored energy beams from thier mouths/faces that would slam into the Phantom Beasts and obliterate them

Appearances: Jungle Fury Episodes 28, 30

Jungle Pride Charge

"Jungle Pride, CHARGE!"
―Combination command.[src]

The Jungle Pride Charge was the combination of the Jungle Pride Megazord, Wolf and Rhino Steel Zord. The Rhino Steel Zord carries the Wolf Zord on its neck and Tiger Zord (in Jungle Pride Megazord upper body form) on its back as the Jaguar and Cheetah run alongside it. It was only used when the Animal Spirit Stampede failed.

The finisher was the Animal Spirits Full Fury Savage Spin where the Tiger, Wolf, Jaguar and Cheetah spun around at high speed, creating a powerful tornado that knocked the enemy into the sky. Though only used once, this was strong enough to break Badrat out of his spin attack. Then the Jaguar, Cheetah and Wolf would jump up, attacking one after the other and the Rhino slashed the enemy with its horn blade to finish them off.

Appearances: Jungle Fury Episode 28

Jungle Pride Charge with Lion and Chameleon Power

"Animal Spirits, unite!"
―Combination announcement.[src]

The Jungle Pride Charge with Lion and Chameleon Power was the final combination of all of the Animal Spirits and the true form of Jungle Pride Charge. The Rhino Steel Zord carries the Wolf Zord on its neck and Tiger Zord (in Jungle Pride Megazord upper body form) on its back. The Lion forms armor for the Jungle Pride Megazord upper body and the Chameleon attaches to its right arm, as the Jaguar and Cheetah ran alongside the Rhino.

Unlike the other formations, the finisher attack had no name. It involved the Lion firing purple energy orbs as the Chameleon fired its stabbing tongue at the enemy then the rhino struck the enemy's armpit and sent them flying then the Wolf, Jaguar and Cheetah fly at the enemy releasing energy attacks as Jungle Pride Megazord torso spun and bisected the enemies dozens of times with a sword formed from the Lion's tail.

Appearances: Jungle Fury Episode 31


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